Friday, July 22, 2016

An update on Craig Flippy's Bigfoot indi film, "Crappy Little Dreams"

We caught up with Craig Flippy and his upcoming Bigfoot related indie film, "Crappy Little Dreams" and he gave us a little crappy interview.

So Craig, how goes the editing of your film?
I'm in my underground lair. Watching my life in video form wondering what the fuck I got myself into. Haha. Honestly I'm trying to get a rough cut together to submit to Sundance. 
No shit? 
Bobcat Goldthwaite suggested it. I didn't think this was something for that, but am trying anyway.
How much is done?
Hard to say on how far I am from done. I have edited scraps all over. I'm staring at a blank rough cut timeline, but that doesn't mean much. It should come together pretty quick because all the pieces are finally in my head and my hard drive. I have some insane footage. Probably not for a lot of bigfooters. We're exploring the beginning of my crappy little dreams and how they lead me into bigfooting and hanging out with guys like Ronnie Roseman and the MT Hood Ninja!
Crappy Little Dreams is a movie that follows Craig Flippy on two epic moped trips ten years apart. In 2005 he filmed his moped trip from Southern California to the Olympic Peninsula in search of bigfoot. Ten years later he got on the moped again to relive his original journey and ask the question; Why do I keep chasing such crappy little dreams?

Craig raised enough money to fund his project... $11,262 raised (160%) and is now in editing Hell.

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