Saturday, April 25, 2020

Editorial - Absurd Beliefs and Heinous Accusations in Bigfoot

Hey guys. DeeCee here. It's been a while since I wrote an editorial on Bigfoot and it's seems to be that I have come back just in time. Once again, amateur Bigfoot researcher MK Davis from Yazoo City, Mississippi, has stopped taking his medication and has gone after Bigfoot celebrity, Bob Gimlin again...yet again...and again. He does this every year, on the clock, like some sort of demented stalker. There are five seasons in the year. Summer, fall, winter, spring, and MK Davis making a complete jackass out of himself over his Bluff Creek massacre theory. However, this time he has somehow combined forces with a popular hunting Canadian vlogger, Steve Isdahl, to step up his nefarious intentions. What are they? To discredit Bob Gimlin and anyone else people in Bigfoot hold in high regard in Bigfoot research.

For those of you new to Bigfoot and reading this, Bob Gimlin is a legend in the world of Bigfoot. He is an 89 year-old man who is well loved and very popular at Bigfoot conferences and has been for quite a few years. He is, by all accounts, the only witness to Roger Patterson's 1967 infamous Bigfoot encounter - A 59 second film Roger took in Bluff Creek, California.

You know the footage.

Every year, since 2008, MK Davis has perpetuated his personal theory that there were more than one Sasquatch there that day. He is zooming and enhancing the old fuzzy film (to the best of his amateur abilities - with no credentials, mind you) on a daily basis. Literally.

MK David will take pictures with Bob Gimlin, then trash him online.

The absurdity this man comes up with by zooming in on the subjects breasts and buttocks is disturbing. He claims you can see a prolapsed anus in one video. And then in another video it's now hemorrhoids. You can see Bigfoot's nipples. Bigfoot is holding a stick. Bigfoot is wearing a braid. Bigfoot has a cone shaped head. Bigfoot has dreads. And then he even says he sees blood in the old film and that there is a bloody dog footprint. If you manipulate the hue saturation in photo/video software, you can make President Trump have white skin instead of orange. It doesn't make it fact.

MK Davis claims the film was not shot in October, but during the summer (because of the colors of the leaves he altered in hue). He claims the creature gets shot in the leg (was this before it had a prolapsed anus or hemorrhoids? I'm confused). He says there was a family of sasquatch there including a baby. Then he claims the Canadian government is involved with the logging industry to kill the Sasquatches. You need to watch this video my cousin Rictor Riolo made to really see MK Davis in action. It's heartbreaking because you are watching a mad man embarrass himself into oblivion.

Wes Germer, from the Bigfoot podcast "Sasquatch Chronicles," has even tried to reason with MK Davis. He failed. MK Davis hung up on him on the phone.

And now in 2020, this pathetic hoaxer (yes, Marlon Keith Davis is a hoaxer, he is presenting Bigfoot evidence that is not real being complete total fabrication), has teamed up with a Canadian hunting vlogger, Steve Isdahl. 

Steve Isdahl comes off as a no nonsense type of guy and has done very well for himself with his hunting YouTube channel. As I type this editorial, he has no idea his channel is in danger of being taken down by YouTube for senior abuse. A felony or misdemeanor in the United States pending on the district attorney. You see, in this video, he is telling his followers to "get these evil people" (meaning Bob Gimlin) and hold him accountable for lying. Lying about an alleged Bigfoot cover-up and massacre of the creatures called Bigfoot. Sounds nefarious.

Steve Kulls, the Squatch Detective from New York, has done an excellent job profiling these Bigfoot hoaxers and exposes them on his blog on a weekly basis. Kulls said:
"He (Isdahl) slammed Todd Standing, his Canadian brethren, but then again, hoaxers don’t like company." 
That's a mic drop if I ever saw one. Steve Kulls continues: 
"At first he seemed normal, but then we have the usual crap we see from the “wanna-be” Bigfoot stars." 
“Bigfoot is demonic.”

“People in the Bigfoot Community are paid to say it’s flash and blood in some conspiracy, specifically Dr. Meldrum.” Ah...we’ve seen this type in the Bigfoot world before. Their fame fades quickly."
He claims to speak to witnesses and give their accounts, (with no investigation I might add). He is in all appearances the Canadian Linda Newton Perry. He says he, “Doesn’t give a fuck about what people think.” Let’s see! He said he challenges people to challenge him..."
Steve Kulls has done an excellent job pointing out Isdahl's hoaxing flaws which include documentation of lying by inference and omissions here. Check it out after you finish reading my write up.

Daniel Perez, who writes a low standard Bigfoot newsletter, publicly distributed Bob Gimlin's mailing address all over social media, bragging that Bob subscribes to his newsletter. That's unethical. And he considers Bob to be his friend? Is it a coincidence that Danny Perez did this the same week Isdahl made a video asking people to "get Bob" because he is "evil?" What was he thinking? Is he that stupid? Inconsiderate? Or part of this network of Bob Gimlin abusers?

People mail Bob Gimlin hate mail. Quite often in fact. They have tried to hurt him by sending him mail with images of Rictor Riolo from his "Off the Rictor" videos. 

I have never met Bob Gimlin, But Rictor says he is the grandfather he never had. He is warm, full of stories and an example of what a real man should be all about. 

Rictor said:
"It broke my heart that someone would try to harm him by using me as a means. Or vice versa. Who does that?" 
There are no boundaries in the world of Bigfoot. People have no decency. They don't care who they hurt along the way and that includes Steve Isdahl and Scott Carpenter.

Let's now move on to the Forrest Gump of the Bigfoot world: Scott Carpenter.

Who is Scott Carpenter? This Mensa candidate is a YouTuber that sees Bigfoot everywhere he goes (he's kind of cross-eyed which might explain that). He's clearly a hoaxer and someone who has been two faced to Bob Gimlin. Scott said: "I don't have a dog in this hunt," yet he perpetuates this conspiracy theory because he says Bobbie Short told him not to trust Bob Gimlin and John Greene? Like Steve Isdahl, he does not cite his sources and says, "This person reached out to Steve and told him what was going on," all being third party. 
"I'm not trying to run anybody down, I'm not trying to accuse anybody of anything, I'm not trying to get views for my channel..." 
Then why make a video and put it on YouTube, Scott? 

He says there are others out there who are in the know of this alleged murder conspiracy. Who are they, Scott?

And now it's time for the main course. Our future Hall of Shame Winner for "Off the Rictor:" Steve Isdahl

Steve Isdahl isn't on good terms with animal rights activists in Canada. According to them, this sociopath narcissist jerk (I'm being kind here) has killed way too many wolves with his traps. Is he hunting for sport? Or hunting to be a monster for click-bait videos on YouTube? There is a major difference.

Let's be honest here, Steve Isdahl doesn't care about Bigfoot, the Bigfroot world, or you for that matter. He doesn't care who he insults like Dr. Jeff Meldrum for that example. He wants YouTube clicks. He's an attention whore. Just like Rictor. However there is a glaring difference... Rictor Riolo admits to being an attention whore and...

Steve Isdahl claims he saw a Bigfoot. He claims his grandfather saw a Bigfoot as well and was a bomber in WWII. So what? My father was in WWII and could have killed Hitler personally...that doesn't make it true.

I call a con, a con. He's a hoaxer. He has no evidence to back it up or even if he has a pair of testicles for that matter. Everything and everyone is expendable to him. Think of him as a very low grade Donald Trump. Unfortunately, he has made life for Bob Gimlin's family miserable with people calling their house and harassing them. And that is where I draw the line. This is wrong. By telling his viewers and MK Davis's followers to get Bob Gimlin and these people for lying (based on what?), he is inciting violence at the very least.

Steve Kulls:
"He has jumped on the Bluff Creek Massacre bandwagon and his YouTube followers say to him, “Thank you for exposing this,” like it is something new."
By reading a letter that was never sent to him? By broadcasting a Bigfoot researcher (Bobbie Short) was allegedly murdered? Anyone can write him a letter telling story about the late John Greene and Bob Gimlin being liars and part of a great Bigfoot cover-up. It doesn't make it fact.

Steve Isdahl says:
"There is a group of people coming," he pauses then continues, "They're coming for the truth."
What is he implying?
"If you want to get this off your chest and deliver it the way you want to deliver it, that's fine, we'll appreciate your example. The pain is going to be a little bit more for you, with what you have lied about."
He is speaking to the only person still alive from the 1967 event. Bob Gimlin. Let's look at that sentence again: "Deliver it the way you want to deliver it."

The devil is in the details, folks.

This Canadian fool claims to have spoken with someone "eye to eye" who has seen alleged missing 1967 footage where Patty (the named Bigfoot in the famous film) was digging her dead infant out of the sand.

The make believe scenario with absurd imaginations that some of these people have are down right frightening. Unfortunately, Steve Isdahl's over compensating confidence blinds him from the obvious. He's being played by the inmates at Bellevue Hospital. Or he's using them and the Bigfoot world to make a name for himself at the expense of others?

He says he is sharing with you, "The facts." Someone might want to inform him that make believe scenarios are not facts. Isdahl also says he has better things to do in life than stand there and make up bullshit to deliver to his viewers. No he doesn't. This is all he has and his YouTube channel. He's a perfect example of someone who was probably stuffed in one-too-many lockers in middle school and has spent the rest of his life trying to make up for it.

He professes he is sharing the truth. A made up truth. His truth. At the expense of an old man.
"I want all of you to talk about the truth. I want you to stir the pot so fiercely that this topic gets blown completely out of the water - people start getting nervous, that's what we're gonna do. I actually enjoy it. I love it."
Steve Isdahl, you're an asshole. I generally don't like to say bad words, but no other word comes to mind at this point.

At first I thought it was all just for show and typical YouTube click-bait. Forrest Gump (Scott Carpenter) posted his friend Isdahl's accusatory video and Isdahl  then goes to war on social media. Carpenter, as limited and small minded as he is, is giving Isdahl a platform to spew his rhetoric topped off with MK Davis propaganda.

Isdahl appears to be too involved in this insanity to be just a click-bait whore. Why? Is he lonely? Broken? Or trying to be an even bigger asshole than my cousin?

On Facebook, Isdahl made the mistake of saying:
"Bobbie short and numerous others where systematically abused by these people."
What proof does he have? None. And who are these people he is referring to? The dead? Dr. Jeff Meldrum? Bob Gimlin? Who, Steven Isdahl? Who? Reach in your pants, find your small Canadian penis, and and start citing names. Cite your sources if you are so convinced of this being the truth. I double dog dare you. Pathetic.

Check out what he said and see how violent and threatening he gets:

That behavior remind you of a certain somebody? Like a used car salesman by chance who doesn't care who he hurts with his Bigfoot hoaxes? You get one guess. Make sure you wash your hands and don't touch your face afterward because the hoaxer repertoire is contagious. They all act and behave the same way on social media.

Rick Dyer

And for the record, author Loren Coleman wrote Bobbie Short's obituary on May 23, 2013, and stated, "Bobbie Short died of a heart disorder, based on a probable infection from cherry Mexican tomatoes, for which she was earlier hospitalized."

But don't let the facts interfere with your devious and preposterous propaganda, Steven Isdahl.

Isdahl calls the late John Greene a lying bastard, a prick, and says that's the truth. John Greene was highly (and still is) respected and was one of the original four horsemen in the Bigfoot phenomena. Interesting how the dead can't defend themselves from people like Steve Isdahl. It's bad enough Mk Davis claims the late René Dahinden was part of the Canadian cover-up to hide the Bigfoot bodies. If René were alive, he would certainly punch MK Davis in the face...after all, just ask Peter Byrne about that...

Fortunately, the Bigfoot world is on to Steve Isdahl and his conspiracy cohorts. So are Isdahls very own viewers on YouTube.

One of Isdahl's viewers, Kelly T commented:
"Your a dam bully and your calling out some good people without evidence. WHAT EVIDENCE do you have that Meldrum IS A PAID SHILL? What verifying did you do before reading this letter? Now your calling Bob Gimlin a killer and liar, but whoever wrote that letter is legit?"
Another commenter, Rooster Cogburn said:
"Steve has just lost all credibility, he is truly ignorant but now has crossed the line by accusing innocent men of terrible things."
And the best comment came from Penotia Sesquai;
"With 122K viewers, that imparts an ethical responsibility as well as an "influencer" responsibility to keep things from devolving. It's very dangerous what he's done."
I say... BRAVO! 

Now if all of this information has upset you in any way, and you want to somehow show you stand with what is right with the Bigfoot world, there is a Facebook page dedicated to the "I stand with Bob" social movement. Hashtag "#istandwithbob" where you can post a picture of yourself and Bob Gimlin if you were able to meet him at a Bigfoot conference or at a social gathering. I guess the idea is to put it in red lettering with the image being black and white. I personally don't think it matters because not everyone can alter images (or video) like MK Davis can. So just show your support for the old guy and post your thoughts on the matter.

From the Facebook page:

If you “stand with Bob” and know that the alleged Bluff Creek Massacre is a complete fabrication, then create and post a black and white photo of yourself with Bob to represent the time period of the PG film and add “I stand with Bob” in red letters to represent the absence of any blood or harm on the soil at Bluff Creek.

The Admins of this site will be posting ONLY positive photos and uplifting bigfoot related material, it is time to shut down the negative! Bob’s legacy will not be destroyed by hate. Post with your photo and something good.

Please also share your photo across Facebook letting your friends, family and others in the Bigfoot Community that you NOT support those who espouse the Bluff Creek Massacre.

You can do this by clicking here.

Forest Gump's wife, Theresa Carpenter did it as well. It's good to see she at least stands for solidarity and decency in Bigfoot...even though she is married to a complete  idiot who is throwing gas on the fire without any consideration for Bob Gimlin.

Theresa Carpenter posted this photo on Facebook
with "I stand with Bob."

Steve Isdahl has over 123,000 YouTube subscribers, 8/10ths are not Bigfoot based. He doesn't need the Bigfoot world. It's a gamble for him to even play in this rancid sandbox because he is in danger of losing his YouTube channel...over telling people to threaten and "get" an 89 year-old man who is "evil," yet loved by thousands of people?
"If they are lying to us, they deserve to be outed and humiliated. That's what they deserve."
By that logic, the same goes for you.

You want to humiliate an old man, Steve? Stick to killing wolves. It's what you're good at.

And Rictor wanted me to tell you this,
"See you on "Off the Rictor" later this year."
DeeCee Salter

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or on Facebook here.

At the end of the day, Bob Gimlin just can't seem to catch a break. After what happened to him at the 50th Anniversary of the Patterson Gimlin film, and now this harassment has gained momentum. This will continue long after he's dead. And in years to come these insidious attention whores will claim they have written letters from Bob Gimlin professing his involvement with their contrived massacre theories. They are not wanting the truth. All they want is to do is propagate their made up version of the truth. And that's wrong. And so typical of the Bigfoot world.

Oh and one last thing, Rictor made a portrait of these class A jerks. I think it shows off these fools just as they are.


  1. Thank you, Mr. Booch. It breaks my heart that people would do this. There is nothing wrong with speculation. There IS something wrong however when someone uses a platform like YouTube or social media as a means to tell their followers to "get" Bob Gimlin anyway you think they deserve it.

    1. No one said that Steve doesn't believe in violence, he talks about holding people accointable in.civilized, healthy and normal ways. He doesn't incite violence or negativity he promotes truth and justice

      Youre being fed drivel and you're eating it up without realizing its lies and garbage and its spun.

      You don't deserve the truth, due to that. But its there if you ever gather the brains to seek it out for yourself rather than reading garbage and saying "right on" to the lies youre fed. Slobber that bullshit up and ask for more, you sad specimen.

  2. I hadn't realised Paulides has become enmeshed in with those goons, pity because I like his analytical detective way of thinking. A good man gone wrong? Steve Isdahl is a horrible ego on the loose, maybe he'll be mauled alive one day.

    1. Dae paulides is a convicted criminal fraud. His books omit details and his 411 missing project is how he makes money.He was a dirty cop who went to jail for selling fake celerity autographs.There is no 411 its all generalities he shoehorns into looks for profit. He was never a investigator or swat and lies constantly. Go ahead google search Paulides fraud and take a deep read. The whole thing is a hoax

  3. I think Steve Isdalh is a simple con man - he's making money from manufactured conspiracy. His YT followers are like a cult - they don't research what he says (I've tried to find evidence of what he says via online searching but...nothing) but just accept everything as fact. It's both sad and hilarious.

    1. Hahahha you don't know how to research or how the world even works

  4. Steve is telling the truth ,cant you dick heads see that .or maybe you dont want to ......

    1. stee is a fraud just like Scott carpenter and dirty op paulides. do some research and you will find this out quickly. They make money on youtube with fake clips and series

    2. I know, it's the most obvious thing in the world that Steve is honest and authentic and honorable... hes a self made man who is successful and strong and he is helping thousands of people. He has earned his right to be a bit cocky. The feminized, weak men of today are too busy wringing their hands and being offended to pay attention to the world around them and clearly have no clue what Real is when they see it. Steve Isdahl is a good man who helps thousands of people that really NEED.his help and is also educating people in hopes to prevent them suffering ptsd causing encounters. Not a one of the people trash talking Steve can say they help half as many people or have accomplished anything that matters half as much. They are wimps and weak minded wussies. Where have all the real men gone, when one shows up, the feminized half-men rant and rave against them like they are a devil. It's disgusting.

  5. Thank you for writing the biggest piece if dribble i have ever read you obviously get your information spoon fed to you by a nurse in a rehabilitation facility please ask your therapist to change your medication you are unwell seek help. Thanks Allan Lindsay

  6. Its now December has 159k subscribers and has not been taken down from YT 'so exposed that lie you claimed'so many unanswered questions about the P/G footage still remain and all Steve and Scott are doing is offering a alternative theory your asking us to assume what we were told about the P/G footage is true basied on someones word but then say dont take another mans word just because it contradicts your persons word you offer now soild proof to back up your baseless accusation towards steve its all hear say and conjecture basied on your opinion thats unprofessional and undermines your credibility as a journalist. the fact that you would ahiw such a offensive cartoon is inflammatory and childish. I support David Scott and Steve because they have offered no reason not too they are good honourable men you are not. Thanks Allan Lindsay

    1. It doesn't other you that scotts video is all fake? he even shows himself photoshopping lol Do your self a favor and google search what a fraud Paulides is

    2. Hi allan I support dave scott and steve because they are clearly honest men on the right side of history. The haters are still stuck in the paradigm the cabal types have programmed into them and will never wake up. Let them fade away into the past. They won't be ascending. We own the future.

  7. Yeah, like herself and you lol

  8. Steve Isdahl kept saying he didn't have any commercial reason for doing what he does. Then came the book! He has NO credibility at all. In fact, if he had an enema he could fit in a matchbox. Anyone can read a story and say.."well, there you have it!" And when he claims the sender is in the military or a 1st responder, he acts as if that gives extra veracity. Coz no-one from the military has ever bullshitted?
    Steve Isdahl is basically as bad as the douche-bags he lambasts. Pretends to be some kind of truth bearer. But being a hunter he knows how to use the wind so you cant smell his bullshit.
    Mind you , its entertaining as fuck to see his acolytes tripping over themselves to lick his boots.
    Credit where it's due, he hooked these dweebs nice and proper!

  9. I hope Crypto Blast is sued for that slanderous cartoon

  10. Cant be sued for slander. Libel perhaps, and then only for something that is being represented as a fact, not an opinion. Funny you are butt hurt over that picture, when its Isdahl copping it up the ass!


  12. Plenty of witnesses over the years. Why believe known liars like the MSM and their CIA handlers (as soon as people began to question the highly questionable Warren Commission after the JFK assassination, justifiable questions were termed "conspiracy theory" and people shut down. That's what is happening here. It goes into the highest reaches of the government. And we know. Why are you bothering anyway? If you scorn the subject so much, why not ignore it? What's your problem?

    1. Isdahl has never once provided any proof! Not an iota. All he does is read stories and talk about the"cover up". Obviously this appeals to many who are incapable of critical thinking and simply "want" to believe as it satisfies their fantasies. I believe these creatures can exist, but Isdahl is so full of crap, he is doing a disservice to the whole issue.

  13. He reads letters from persons who have had encounters or sightings of Sasquatch which has occurred in enough numbers over the years that there is no doubt. The very fact that high level government agencies get involved to crush any information, is proof he is presenting the truth. In fact, the fact that your knickers are in such a twist about, proves you must be getting something for slandering him so much. Otherwise, why bother? Why not just ignore it?

    1. You've drunk the cool aid

    2. uh, no. Never touch the stuff, Mr. Coolaid.

  14. Wow. This little psycho-chickie is seriously whacked. I haven't seen that much horseshit since I was in Kansas! Jesus, what hell is wrong with everyone associated with Ricto Rolo? They all just spew lies, create false opinions, and then attack those they just created an enemy out of, and THEN play the 'Victim' when others come looking to defend themselves. Very impressive cowardice! I'd LOVE to debate this little sack-O-skin and her fevered little bug brain point-for-point. She has the writing and reasoning skills of a meth-addicted raccoon. She is like the Ann Coulter of the BF community, but not as smart. Yet, just as nasty and passive aggressive. People must really hate this mumbling babble-fest because she can't maintain a FB page. Seems like she's so addicted to her own delusional toxic spew and warped fantasies that 'Reality' and truth must be a living nightmare for her. I mean, Rictor signed his name right under Paulides' ass in that cartoon. Quite the Valentines day card for Dave. Looking at that warped shit, it makes it very easy to get a glimpse of the mental illness being suffered here by ALL involved. I have never seen so many half-truths and outright lies in a single column before. I mean, what a snarky, smarmy stink-fest of a creep show this is!!

  15. Awesome comment and very accurate. In any community, people try to build UP one another's efforts to create a better one. One that makes it easier for all to survive and communicate and nurture others. Here, I see a systematic attempt to cause disharmony, disruption and utter chaos. Nothing but insults, contempt, verbal assaults and a litany of hate-speech against people who have MORE than proven themselves very capable professions who have accomplished much and created great inroads to deeper understanding. I have NOT however heard about ANY accomplishments on the part of Rollover Rictor or his harpy chirpling, Deecee. Have I missed their in-depth research papers? Have they ever brought anything to the table besides trash-talk and bad-mouthing others? I don't care that Rictor's head is constantly in the toilet. Sometimes it's important to return to your birth place. I don't even care that Deecee has no writing skills, presents outright lies as facts, and then paints herself as a 'Victim' when people defend themselves and attack back. Like Rictor, she is a sociopath/psychopath hybrid with a very special smell of degenerative rotting from the brain downward. In a 'community' people like her and Rictor are EXTREMELY toxic to the well-being of everyone involved. They are a dark poison to both the spirit and community as a whole. They create a doorway for other evil to enter and disrupt all progress, growth and peace. They are the parasites and bottom feeders more lowly than even the most vicious of any slime-dwelling insect.

    On another note of interest: Deecee quotes Loren Coleman's assertion that: "Bobbie Short died of a heart disorder, based on a probable infection from cherry Mexican tomatoes, for which she was earlier hospitalized." Seriously?? That would be 'salmonella' alone. But you can't get an infection from salmonella. Deecee also TWICE accuses Steve Isdahl of using "YouTube click-bait". Um, there is NO click-bait on YT. Never has been. Painfully obvious & obnoxious lie. She also states to Steve: "Reach in your pants, find your small Canadian penis, and and start citing names." Wow...Lots of penis and man-butt obsession between these two. Maybe we should start a Go-Fund-Me campaign to help these 2 monsters some much needed 'Man-ass'. Anyway, I stand with Steve, David, Scott and M.K. (I don't have any issues with Gimlin, but I know damn well he is lying, like he did about the rifle he said burned up in a fire, but showed up in a video where he had sold it to someone. M.K. Davis PROVED he was a liar, so now everything he says IS suspect!) Rictor and Deecee are just a couple of the wheezing, grunting and mouth breathing Golums looking for their 'Precious' while utilizing every sleazy, low-life tactic possible to keep this "Community" in utter chaos and filled with ugliness, derision and divide. They have ZERO integrity, do NOT want people to find a common cause or be at peace with one another, and are TRULY 2 of the sickest and most evil excuses for anything that walks on two legs...Assuming they actually do.

  16. Wake up. Isdahl and Paulides are the real deal. Time will bear that out.

  17. I'm absolutely stunned after reading this blog. It's disappointing to read to say the least.

    When you lower yourself to say such ugly things about people you disagree with then you lose credibility and respect from others whose minds you are trying to change.

    Ad Hominem Arguments (That's fancy Latin that means attacking the other person rather than using logic and reason to address what they’re saying.) don't work and should be avoided if you want to be taken seriously.

    Lacing comments with insults nullifies any useful input you may have. You effectively ruin an opportunity to get your message across.

    Worse, insulters are not considered competent enough to provide any meaningful input, because using insults make them look foolish.

    Once someone includes an insult, subtly or blatantly, the focus shifts from the opinion to the insult and people naturally tune out any points you may have had.

    I sincerely believe some people become insulting because they’re unable to compose a convincing argument and so they end up embarrassing themselves by becoming belligerent.

    We all have succumbed at times to frustration and anger when we passionately disagree with something, and that’s normal.

    If you remain thoughtful, civil and articulate, without presenting any belittling remarks or using a condescending tone, the odds are you will be heard.

    This doesn’t mean you are sugarcoating your feedback. It means you are mindful and you want your argument to be considered.

    Think about it, if you’re not confident enough in what you have to say without verbally assaulting someone, then why would anyone become convinced based on your rant, especially since, quite obviously, you’re not convinced.

    The truth is, if all some people want to do is be insulting, we are better off without them. They deserve to be ignored.

    On the other hand,those who have something to say and present it thoughtfully,those are people worth listening to.

    You're cousins crude,sexually explicit picture did not help your position and actually reveals a disturbed psyche on his part.

    Drawings can be considered "Windows of the mind" revealing deep emotional disturbance. When one has artistic abilities but depicts graphic sexual violence when triggered shouldn't be ignored, especially if there are children around or in his household.

    In the end, the best favor you can do for yourself DeeCee is to delete this page and chalk it up to a brief, cringe worthy moment in time when good judgement was absent.

    As a general matter, you should never use someone's name or photograph in advertising or promotion of your website or blog without permission.

    In most states, you can be sued for using someone else's name, likeness, or other personal attributes without permission for an exploitative purpose.

    Who Can Sue for Unlawful Use of Name or Likeness?

    Only human beings, and not corporations or other organizations, have rights of publicity and privacy interests that can be invaded by misappropriation of name or likeness. Thus, only individuals can sue for unlawful use of name or likeness, unless a human being has transferred his or her rights to an organization.

    Courts look at the creative or artistic work in question and decide on a case-by-case basis whether the First Amendment values at stake trump the plaintiff's rights of privacy and publicity.

    Depending on the State, the Statue of Limitations can vary from 1 year to 6 yrs.

    I walk away from this page shaking my head. I came here to better understand why Steve has spoken about how truely awful some people in the "Sasquatch" community are and unfortunately he's right. I came with an open mind and have reached the only logical conclusion.

    Be better..

  18. So many words used to say so little.
    Have you heard what Isdahl calls people that he disagrees with? He can't take any valid criticism without resorting to ad hominem attacks. There are numerous examples in his videos of his resorting to puerile condescension.
    There is no need for you to provide the etymology of a word. It's quite patronising.