Saturday, July 23, 2016

Disembodied head kept as a relic of the first ‘possessed’ nun.

Hohenwart Monastery, 1742, Sister Josephine Rosenthal became pregnant. The nunnery was entirely cut off from local villages and after an examination, it was declared that she was a virgin, and also – to all intents and purposes unable to be with child. Despite this, Josephine carried the child to six months. By this time her story had reached the ears of the Abbot and she was brought before the council of Benedict.

Nicoleta Daniela on Facebook posted:

Sister Josephine Rosenthal was declared possessed and denounced of her holiness after she undergone immaculate conception.

The blood and skin have been analysed and found to contain remnants of unique hormonal imbalances. Not until the mid fifties were these attributed to a rare lineage. Both Maria and her mother had been hermaphrodites, able to spontaneously self impregnate and give birth to children, although the condition would eventually kill them both.

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  1. Remember, the idea in intersexuality typically is that you get a mix of male and female pieces. You don’t get two complete sets.