Monday, February 28, 2022

The Hall of Shame Awards for Bigfoot!

Welcome to the final episode of Off the Rictor. Who will be the biggest loser in bigfoot? The list of nominees is extensive. And for this show's ending, there can only be one. Will it be Steve Kulls, the namby pamby Squatch Detective? The ridiculous Mike Patterson, Sasquatch Ontario? Steve Isdahl, the Canadian gas lighter? Christopher Noël and his magical bigfoot porcupine? Stephen Major, the Mr. Furley of Bigfoot from Extreme Northwest Expeditions? The She-Squatchers who give hoaxers a platform to spew their stories? David Paulides, the MAGA conflict entrepreneur with a questionable police record? Igor Burtsev and his friend Greg, the Russian bigfoot? The MAGA idiot bigfoot hoaxer (who was nationally shamed), Scott Carpenter? Or Emily Fleur, the Ariana Grande Princess of bigfoot?

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