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Interview with a Bigfooter: Russell Acord

Over the past two years a Bigfoot author and conference organizer has made quite an impression with the Bigfoot world. His name is Russell Acord and today we take a detailed look about him and see what he is all about including his relationship with Bigfoot icon, Bob Gimlin.

Russell has written two fiction Bigfoot books with a third one on the way. He also created and operates the International Bigfoot Conference which is held every year on Labor Day weekend in Kennewick, Washington. He also is also Bigfoot icon Bob Gimlin’s new manager. You may have seen Russell on our Crypto Blast original show on YouTube, “Face Off” where he replaced Bigfooter Ed Brown, and continues the show with Bigfoot commentator and personality Rictor Riolo. They inadvertently always talk about Bigfoot.

Thanks for sitting down with us today Russell. Let’s start by asking a couple cliché questions. Take us back to the beginning, where did your interest in Bigfoot start?

Just like so many others, with that famous Patterson/Gimlin film that I saw as a kid in a theater. It always hung in the back of my mind as something that wasn’t solved yet.
You grew up on an Indian reservation. What was that like?
I was a white kid on a reservation school, got my ass handed to me on several occasions and couldn’t do a thing about it. Made me tough though, and I did get a different perspective on history and where our country started. All in all, it was the best thing that ever happened to me. I still have some great friends living there and many who have left the reservation to live throughout the US. Always great to come back into town as the beauty of the mountains remains the same as it was in my childhood.
Did the Native Americans share any Sasquatch stories with you?

Never, they kept their tribal discussions within their family and tribal members - remember, I was a pasty white kid…
"Footprints of a Legend" is one of your series of three stories involving an unwilling captive who is submerged into the wild and secretive world of the legendary Bigfoot… some could say that is you in recent events?
I can see the parallel…
And your second book, “Bigfoot and the Tripwire: Footprints of a Legend” where a military vet on a personal journey comes face to face with something that shouldn't be there… You’re a military vet and you once lived in Montana. Is that what motivated you to write a series of books about Bigfoot?
Yes, the country and locations described within the pages are actual places I used to play and explore while I was growing up. Getting out of the military was tough enough, and having the time to just break away and stay in the mountains for some time was exactly what I did when I came home. One of the most healing things a person can do when he needs peace for himself.
What has been the most challenging thing about being a Bigfoot author?
Time, I could always use more time to write and spend in the tree line. I also struggle with not having an actual subject to study the behavior and habits to write about. But my imagination and research allowed me to be creative and give them personality and character.
When is your third book coming out?
Oh, I knew you would ask that! I seriously don’t have a clue, I have to wait until the mood hits to turn into the mad typist and burn up the keys. You cannot force the story, it has to flow or it comes out all crappy. I have the outline, chapters and ending already written. I just have to fill in all the details that make the story come alive. Don’t worry, the mood will hit again soon and I will have the third on the shelf.
Can you give us any ideas what happens in it?
Um….no! You have to wait (building suspense).
You work as a safety engineer for a nuclear facility. How do you manage your time with your career, family life, writing, filming, managing Bob Gimlin's schedule and your Bigfoot work? 
It’s a serious scheduling, juggling and breathing exercise that takes patience and tons of coffee. I have to say that my family suffers the most as I am always on the phone and computer making things balance out. But the end result is a really fun conference, happy family and great products that places Bob in the spotlight where he was meant to be.
Author Adam Davies and Author Russell Acord
You went Big footing with cryptozoologist Adam Davies at the infamous location in Southern Oregon called SOHA: Southern Oregon Habituation Area by the now publicly shamed Matthew Johnson. At this mediocre location near Grants Pass, did you witness or experience anything unusual or paranormal?
There were some technical things that happened with our night vision goggles, photography equipment that captured odd imaging and a couple of the guys experienced some odd vibes. I do not dismiss the findings but also cannot give them anything more than ‘inconclusive results’ at this time.
Were there gate guardians guarding interdimensional portals?
Not on this visit.
Invisible Sasquatch groping you like Kevin Spacey at a party?
No, nobody got that lucky…
Orbs of light flying through your camp?
Not anything like orbs, but we did see orange colors in our night vision. Anyone who has ever used the PVS-7 military night vision goggles knows that the only colors you will see are light and dark shades of green – not orange.
Mindspeak? Flying Dinosaurs (We here at The Crypto Blast wish we could be making all of this up, but all of these are claims by Matthew Johnson – it’s as if it’s a Paranormal circus).
Nobody experienced any of the wild findings that would have included any mindspeak or groping. We came simply to research and see if there were any measurable results or scientific evidence in the area. We had a few odd things happen but nothing that we would call definitive evidence. Highly unlikely we would ever return.
Russell Acord and Bob Gimlin
How did you first get involved in representing the legendary Bob Gimlin?
Bob was going to be filmed in California for the final episode of "Finding Bigfoot" and I offered to drive him there because I was going right by his house. On the way down we talked about his desire to have a book written and how many people had offered but never followed through. His comment was, "How long should I wait Russ?" Well, at 85 years old I figured that he had waited long enough and offered to write his story. On the way back he asked if I could help him get to conferences and events since we loved so close and, of course he fell in love with the truck we were riding in.
Tom Yamarone and friends chanting "#freebob" at the VIP dinner.

There has been quite a bit of drama in the Bigfoot world since the Patterson Gimlin 50th Anniversary event in Northern California which you unfortunately were a part of. You have gone to war in defending Bob Gimlin’s integrity and your own. However, you served in our military and it’s understood that you have seen your share of crazy things. Let’s juxtapose for a moment the differences between military life and Bigfoot drama (which appears to be never ending with character assassinations and money grubbing). In other words, let’s put this in perspective. For example, Marc DeWerth (Ohio Bigfoot Conference promoter) wants to draw battle lines and wants to shun and make absurd accusations about people who have different opinions about his observed behavior at the 50th Anniversary (we have seen the documentation). The online character bullying with #freebob created by one time respected Bigfoot folk singer, Tom Yamarone, was directed at you, yet he acted as though everything was okay with you to your face at the conference. His action public display hurt Bob Gimlin and was documented in a photograph at the VIP dinner which you were not allowed to attend. Is that what you signed up for?
I signed up to make sure that Bob Gimlin was respected and treated with dignity. Both were trampled on by the activities in California. I really had no ill feelings for those who screwed Bob over, in fact I felt sorry for their lack of integrity. When you throw a party for someone, and everyone sees that it’s really about your own agenda and not the guest of honor. When you put yourself in that situation, you had better be ready to make it right and admit your part in the breakdown or be exposed for what you really are. I have heard enough excuses and ‘reasons’ for the incident but am not buying any of it. The time to ‘man up’ and be accountable for their actions has expired and anything by way of apology now, would be only out of salvaging your name and not out of any true respect and remorse. It is interesting to see the blatant disregard for someone they used to promote themselves in the past. Sad really…
Is their Bigfoot pettiness worth the craziness you have seen in your lifetime?
I see the caliber of person I am dealing with and move accordingly. I know what loyalty looks like with my friends and whether we are making money or not, good days or bad days, I will stand by my friends. But I guess now that the ‘free’ access to Bob Gimlin is redirected to benefit Bob himself, these folks make no apologies and have no need for him anymore. When you’re only out for your own personal gain, then to discard people you referred to as ‘friends’ is easy for some.
And how do you deal with this childish behavior?
Well, there some things on life you simply cannot fix, and teaching morals and integrity to adults is not my job. I simply don’t have time for their behavior and am focused on seeing that Bob gets treated with respect. I see that he gets to his destinations, gets opportunities to shine, and finally gets paid without having to share his earnings with anyone but his own family.
Given all of the drama and infighting that goes in in the Bigfoot world, what keeps you motivated with your work?
How many more years will we get to share a conference with a legend like Bob Gimlin? At 86 years old, being part of his life and seeing him get these films put together is a great reward as he leaves his legacy behind. I will always make sure that from now on, he gets the recognition that he deserves and sees his own reward from the years he has been involved in the Bigfoot world.
Your “Face Off” partner, Rictor Riolo is quoted as saying “Bigfoot is big-business.” Some claim you are taking advantage of Bob Gimlin and the gossip around town is you were taking 80% of Bob Gimlin’s profits. Is that true?
No, that was what Bob wanted because I was paying for all the film editing, DVDs, travel expenses and equipment for our documentary. I didn’t want to do that, so we never agreed on those terms. That was discussed between myself, Bob and his wife and NEVER signed. You see, I make my own money in the business that I am in; I sure as hell don’t need Bob’s money! For me it’s all about the journey and seeing it through, Bob is worth the effort. Everyone always had taken from him in the past; I was determined to be different. But it seems that some folks cannot wrap their heads around the fact that there are those that don’t need to feed off of Bob like that. They are judging me from their own dealings with Bob and believe they are missing out on something.
Is there money to be made in Bigfoot?
If there is money in Bigfoot, than I must be doing it all wrong. I don’t need to hang on anyone’s coat tails to be noticed, I don’t need anyone else’s story to get on a stage, I certainly don’t need someone else’s money either! I simply have fun doing my own research and putting on a class act conference without drama. (here is where you get to swing back - also you can address how you physically abused Bob Gimlin by pushing him at the museum) – What a joke, can you imagine what would happen to someone who pushed Bob? Bob wouldn’t put up with that crap!

You were recently on the popular Bigfoot blogtalkradio show, MN.B.R.T. (Minnesota Bigfoot Research team) hosted by Abe Del Rio and Henry May and you said you took 4 months off your work to work with Bob Gimlin to work on his documentary and autobiography. You said that you have over 30 hours of Bob telling some of the funniest stories. Can you give us a tease of what he says?
His imitation of Renes accent is hysterical and his jokes are way too funny. He has been through plenty and we could put together a couple more films to fill in the blanks, maybe later – who knows?
On “Face Off” episode 20 you are quoted as saying “What Bob saw on October 20th, 1967 is without a doubt exactly what Bob saw. You will never take that from him.” Can you elaborate more on that?
We have all seen enough breakdown of the evidence to understand that IF it was a man in a costume – he was 10-15 years ahead of the rest of the planet with costume design and makeup. Whatever was in that creek bed moved effortlessly and smoothly across the rocky ground. The hair and muscles didn’t flap in the wind but moved and flexed under the pressure of flesh and blood. Casually walking looking over its shoulder and no creases of a costume were seen…what Bob saw that day was not man made.
You replaced Ed Brown and joined Rictor Riolo for “Face Off”. Why did you want to be a part of that show?
It all started with a dare…kidding, it was a great way to discuss with Rictor some of the evidence that has been turned in on u-tube. I bring a very ‘matter of fact’ approach with a large dose of skepticism to filmed evidence.

What are some of the challenges of being in front of the camera with someone that says what everyone is thinking and doesn’t hold anything back?
Keeping a straight face, seriously it takes real self-control not to laugh out loud at some of the unfiltered dialogue with Rictor. But by the same token, it’s refreshing to hear his opinions that often shock the audience.
Your International Bigfoot Conference is now going on its third year. What has been the rewarding aspect of putting on such a large endeavor?
The guests, always about the satisfied guests that leave with their autographs, gifts, DVDs and selfies with their favorite speaker. I find it so rewarding to know that people are happy to attend the event and happy when they get what they want.
International Bigfoot Conference 2016

And the most challenging?
The first day – Oh my goodness it gets hectic getting everything settled and running smoothly and working out the unforeseen things that I forgot, but always worth it!
What can we expect with this year’s conference that’s different from the previous Bigfoot gatherings?
Films this year, we are premiering a few movies that have not been seen before. Not just speakers with evidence, presentations and castings but some real amazing films with the film makers in the room as well. You won’t want to miss this event!
Is there anything you could change in the Bigfoot community, what would it be?
No more small conferences…only one per year with EVERYONE attending and five days of great food, friends, music, affordable rooms and mind-blowing presentations. That would put everyone on the SAME page…and I wouldn’t be the one putting it on…maybe have Bob Gimlin do it!
Thank you for taking the time to talk to us.
It was my pleasure.

For those of you wanting to know more about the International Bigfoot Conference held in Kennewick, Washington, visit the website here. Or on Facebook.

To know about Bigfoot icon Bob Gimlin, please visit his website here

And you can find Russell Acord on Twitter.


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