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Interview with a Bigfoot Author: Misty Allabaugh

Today we interview Misty Allabaugh. She is a Bigfoot researcher from Montana and author who has had interesting experiences in regards to possible Bigfoot encounters. Her books Flesh and Fury, and Rampage, and Revenge, are extremely popular at Bigfoot conferences and online. Today we get to know who this writer is and dig deeper into her thoughts on what Sasquatch and the community is all about.

How did you first get involved in the crazy world of Sasquatch? Was it a sighting? The irresistible pull and desire for a mystery? What?
I was 17 years old, it was October 24th, 1994. I'd been elk hunting with my family, hiking for hours. We'd decided to leave and go back to camp early. Myself and brother were in the back seat. He was sleeping and I don't remember what I had been doing. But all the sudden I hear my mom gasp and say OMG! "My dad says "Shut up Mary! Let it go!" Course at 17 and bored I was interested in what was going on. But not another word. 
I leaned up to my window and it was simply there. A huge dark man. The sun was going down behind it, the hair on its left shoulder was blowing in the wind. He watched me. Made eye contact. His face was hair less and dark. Approx. 7 ft tall, 600 #'s approx. I was able to turn my head and watch it for what felt like a long time but was most likely 12 sec. I've tried to recreate it and the most I've gotten was it could have been up to 18 seconds. I knew right away what it was. 
We went down the road and I asked my parents, have you ever seen something, but know people will laugh? My mom looks at me and says did you see the hairy man cross the road? I said no he's on the hill. Let's go back! I never quit going back.

You can purchase "Flesh and Fury" here.
You have written two fictional books on Bigfoot. What is your motivation for writing them? We hear you are writing a third. Are they all Bigfoot horror novels? Was your original sighting the key for your literary journey?
I wrote Flesh and Fury long ago. Working nights, when I was able to do computer research brother however was the driving force. He told me I had a brilliant mind with a depth of Sasquatch knowledge that needed to be written about. I sat down...and let the books write themselves. One cannot force creativity, so I've been fortunate to have the ability to let my words become my art.
You can purchase "Rampage and Revenge" here.
I'd heard of Bigs but it wasn't like...oh I'm going make a career out of it But it snowballed. There's a third book that is fiction. It'll be the last to the trilogy. I'm also collecting, interviewing and traveling while writing book 4 at the same time. Book 4 will be non-fiction all true as they were told to me events.
What is the one thing you want your readers to walk away with from your novels?
That question is to me three phased. Of course I want them to enjoy my books. But for the non believers I hope it sparks an interest. For the believers, I want them to keep pushing for scientific excellence.
You were recently a speaker at the International Bigfoot Conference, the first of it’s kind this past September. What was some of the highlights for you there?
I love interaction with the other researchers, writers, and scholars. But I adore those people that trust and believe so much in ME that they tell me of their experiences and look to this Montana lady for validation and to be told their not crazy, and heck yes I'll come and take a look at your property and see if you have Bigs, just nature or a miss identified critter. That part, those people matter!
Misty and friend
You have a Facebook group called Squatch Stalker. How is it different from the 100,000 other Bigfoot Facebook groups that are out there?
Squatch Stalker is a very serious group to me. First I don't tolerate crap. People won't always agree with one another but everyone's thoughts are valid and opinions will be looked at, it's my no bully rule. I have no problem calling people on their pettiness or things that I don't feel are necessary. Lastly I will look at any and all evidence, but when you send me or post a blob or shadow squatches I lose myself. Every shadow you see behind a swaying tree IS NOT BIGS. Every bump and noise you hear at night IS NOT BIGS. Be responsible and logical. As far as why it's different? It's because I'm real, my work and experiences are real... and in this business there's just too much drama and bull that wastes my time —time I could have been outside looking!

What is your opinion on the 1967 Roger Patterson film? 
I've spoken in depth with Bob Gimlin, I've heard an extended interview with him and feel he is genuine. I believe that the 1967 Patty film is legit.

What would you say is the biggest problem with the Bigfoot community? Is it the perverts, the liars, scammers, cheaters, and money borrowing meth heads? 
All of the above! Hands down, in this business your truths and honesty need to be 110%. We're already up against a world of naysayers who can't give me evidentiary proof why the don't believe, yet scoff when I can show my evidentiary proof. It's not good enough or my personal favorite quote was "Damn that chick lives in cray-cray, craaazzyy town. Bat shit crazy town. I just smile and ask if they like to smell my Bigfoot poop packs.
We get the feeling you are NOT PRO KILL. Why is that? Are you a tree hugger? Come one… admit it… that lipstick on that branch belongs to you…
No, I'm a loggers daughter, I hunt, fish, ride ATVS and cut down a tree for firewood. I love the woods. I am however not pro kill. I believe the government already has bodies for research, however main stream society will demand one alive or otherwise. I know what's out their, Bigs is out there. Closer to some of us. I am happy learning of this species that has stayed hidden and elusive without us humans knowing all about them. Research is fine for me, I would only kill one if it was to save a life.
Who is your Bigfoot hero?
Sir Bob Gimlin and Cryptozoologist author Loren Coleman
Bob's explanation has never wavered, he stood strong in the 80s and 90s when his house was vandalized.

I like Loren Coleman because of his down to earth honesty and wealth of amazing knowledge.

Rictor Riolo, a well known Bigfoot media personality and contributor to this blog, is said to have given you some advice. “Be the bitch everyone thinks you are.” Can you elaborate? 
Rictor did say that at a point I was questioning myself. I was in a situation where I felt I had to keep a journal of what people told me and how many times I was lied to!! Finally he could tell I'm Montana born and bred. I won't take liars and thieves and call them friends. I call people out. I ask for evidence based on scientific possess rather than supposition. I can handle people getting upset, if I was a liar and got caught I suppose it would be embarrassing. So don't flipping lie, I'll research and hunt down your lie. 
I'll gladly be the bitch people think I am because at least that's truth, morals and something to be responsible for. Own your shit because I'll hunt you down and expose you. Some call me a bitch, The Head Hunter and I'm all that plus I'm Misty Allabaugh, Squatch Stalker, and damn good at what I do. I'm a chick that has many titles and they're ALL true.
Thank you for taking the time to sit down with us today. Any videos you have seen lately you would recommend people to check out on their own?
Many videos out there. Nothing to new. I've been very busy and tend to read more. I enjoy both fiction and non fiction. However a go to movie over and over would have to be "Exists" and "Untold"
You can check out Misty Allabaugh's book "Flesh and Fury" here and "Rampage and Revenge" here. And don't forget to join her Facebook page Squatch Stalker here.

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