Monday, March 13, 2017

Getting 'squatchy' at Norwalk library with Bigfoot investigator

Bigfoot investigator Marc DeWerth shared a story last Saturday afternoon at the Norwalk Public Library in Ohio. He is is the president of the Ohio Bigfoot Organization and a member of the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, better known as the BFRO.

This article was written by CARY ASHBY for the Norwalk Reflector.

Believe it or not, Bigfoot investigator Marc DeWerth doesn’t believe everything he hears or sees.

“Believe me; I’m a skeptic,” he said.

The president of the Ohio Bigfoot Organization said his friend Cliff Barackman told him that the easiest way to scare off a Sasquatch is to do “wood knocks” and let out long howls. Just the opposite of what Matt Moneymaker’s team appears to do on the reality TV series “Finding Bigfoot.” DeWerth said he was told the knocks and howls are driven by producers of the Animal Planet series.

DeWerth told the large crowd at the Norwalk Public Library that your best strategy to possibly see a Bigfoot is to act natural and don’t whisper. Also a member of the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, the Ohio man answered many questions from people who attended Saturday’s presentation.

“Never do wood knocks. Never do howls. Just play stupid,” said DeWerth, who often teased that people should always bring a slow friend with them in case you see a Bigfoot.

That way you can run away safely and he said the your pal “takes one for the team.”

Yeah, it was pretty “squatchy” at the library Saturday.

“The one cardinal rule is don’t provoke them. … They will know you are on to them,” DeWerth said to the standing-room only crowd. “When you get one mad — watch out.”

So why does DeWerth — who believes Bigfoot exists and that one day someone will hit one with a car or shoot one — admittedly always says “B.S.” to possible evidence presented to him?

“Bigfoots don’t go out of their way to leave a footprint,” he said.

DeWerth has a theory that a Bigfoot is “super intelligent” since it walks on two legs and it preys on deer, dogs and coyotes, yet it’s bashful and more of a nomad than migratory. Since it has lived all its life in the woods, he said the creature knows how to avoid human contact for the most part.

“They are aware of technology,” said DeWerth, so people need to “trick” a Bigfoot with cameras by putting them on man-made objects like fences, buildings or even bluejay boxes.

“Coyotes are their competition. They quickly eliminate them,” he said.

DeWerth has performed more than 300 investigations in Ohio. He said the Buckeye State ranks fourth in the nation with the amount of Bigfoot reports.

He played a recording Saturday made by an Ohio homeowner that contained a series of sustained howls. DeWerth considers the area a hot spot for Bigfoot, where there is possibly a family of the creatures that have killed chickens and impaled dogs that had their skin peeled off with no signs of claw or knife marks.

DeWerth played the recording for his friend Barackman.

“The first word out of his mouth was ‘squatch,’” DeWerth said.

DeWerth has warned the homeowner to stop shooting at the creatures since they were provoked by the attack. The man and his wife were waking up about 3 a.m. every night due to the Bigfoot howls, which the homeowner recorded by opening his bedroom window. DeWerth has permission to spend three weeks investigating the area in April.

A man who attended Saturday’s two-hour presentation said he saw a Bigfoot in Kansas when he was in a large park about five miles from the nearest town. He was with some friends when he said he went to the trunk of his vehicle “to retrieve some refreshment.”

“He was standing under the light,” the witness said, referring to a nearby cabin.

Frightened, the man and his friends immediately left the park. When he came home and told his parents about the sighting, they asked him how much he had to drink. The man said he told them there were two untouched 12-packs of beer in the trunk to prove he wasn’t intoxicated.

DeWerth said he received “a good report” from the New London area a few years ago from a couple who were baffled by what they caught on a game camera mounted on a tree. The investigator suspects the Bigfoot stepped around the camera, which grabbed a video of its extended arm.

“You see an armpit (with) hair hanging down,” he added. “You could clearly see an armpit and the hair.”

DeWerth shared a story from an “active” Stark County sheriff’s deputy who reported witnessing a Bigfoot corral a group of deer.

The man was bow-hunting and in a tree stand. He reported seeing a silhouette about 100 yards away that went into the nearby woods. A few minutes later, the same creature reportedly came out and drove five or six deer from the tree line by waving its arms and ran near the hunter’s stand.

“He said, ‘What I saw was absolutely amazing,’” said DeWerth, who believes the Bigfoot may have been driving the deer toward a partner. “He couldn’t explain these sounds and they were awful. … It took (him) a long time to comprehend what happened.”

Even two hours later and after the sun rose, the hunter was too scared to leave the stand.

DeWerth’s personal experience with a possible Bigfoot was April 20, 1997 in Coshocton County — “a mecca of Bigfoot” sightings.

“There’s no doubt they exist,” he said.

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  1. I don't believe a lot of it either, most people are just trying to get on the TV or in a newspaper. Not all, some are legit, but I can't tell by looking who's real and who's a liar.