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The Psychic Sasquatch (an excerpt) by Kewaunee Lapseritis

This book is a factual account of a scientist's astounding journey, finally revealing answers to the most perplexing unsolved mystery in modern times.  Jack "Kewaunee" Lapseritis has devoted his life to this research - conducting countless interviews and spending weeks alone in the forest - quietly trying to communicate with Bigfoot, rather than hunt them. The Psychic Sasquatch provides us with revelations about these gentle creatures and the astonishing truth about their connection with extraterrestrials and why they cannot be found.

You can buy this interesting book, "The Psychic Sasquatch" here.

As a largely Christian nation, most of us were raised "creationists," that is, believing that God created the Universe and planet Earth was first populated by Adam and Eve, who started the human race. Theologians use the Bible as the word of God to substantiate faith in their beliefs. Scientists, however, claim the "evolution theory" that humankind's predecessors were a series of apelike hominoids that eventually, through Darwinian natural selection process and genetic mutation, branched off and developed into full-fledged Homo sapiens sapiens—modern man! Establishment science uses skeletons and artifacts to substantiate that our highly developed brain and nervous system evolved over three million years and only reached cosmic maturity 35,000 to 100,000 years ago.+

Could it be that God (whoever She/He/It/They may be) created the Universe and put evolution in motion? Then all living things would be co-creators with God, and each of us would be a universal expression of God, acting out some grand plan within a physical body with God's "image and likeness." Certainly there is logic to that. But were Adam and Eve real people as told in the holy scriptures? How could two people populate an entire planet and physiognomically create all the diverse races we have today? Who would Adam and Eve's children marry? Each other? Their parents? How did they migrate to the different continents to genetically differentiate and evolve into other unique nations, languages, and cultures? The fact is, neither science nor religion can adequately and pragmatically answer these questions! There are just too many "missing links" to properly form a sequence of coherent logic, unless one entertains another possibility— the "extraterrestrial intervention theory."

In 1985, I was told by a Sasquatch that they consider themselves the first "people" to populate this planet and that they were brought here millions of years ago by their friends, the Starpeople! He said there were "no humans" on Earth except themselves. There were bipedal human-types that the Bigfoot considered "animals" because the creatures were so unevolved that they had not yet discovered fire. The Sasquatch said that they eventually taught these primitive Earth hominoids how to use fire. Could they be speaking of Homo erectus? There is no evidence that Australopethicus had that ability; Homo erectus was the first. Interestingly, Gigantopithecus and Homo erectus lived in an overlapping time frame of existence as well as in the same geographic region—China.

When I asked a Bigfoot, "What about Adam and Eve?", he replied, "I don't know anything about Adam and Eve. If you want to know about them, you'll have to wait and ask our friends the Starpeople, because they are they ones who brought them." This was shocking to me indeed. He went on to say that we hairless humans were seeded later, each race being released on a continent best suited for its survival. This includes Homo neanderthalis and Cro-Magnon. 

"Does that mean you are the missing link?" I asked. 

"No, you people are the missing link. You don't know where you've come from or where you're going!" he retorted with a chuckle. 

Interestingly, there are numerous "missing link" stories from oral traditions of many cultures around the world. The Dogon tribe of Mali, West Africa, say that they initially came from a planet in the constellation Sirius. Long before modern humans had the technology to build a powerful telescope to study the heavens, the Dogon people knew the precise position of all the celestial bodies within the Sirius system. How is that possible unless direct knowledge was genuinely given them by interstellar visitors from Sirius hundreds, if not thousands of years ago? 

In Robert Temple's book The Sirius Mystery, he relates the Dogon's detailed knowledge about a star that is invisible to the naked eye and so difficult for astronomers to observe that it was not "discovered" until 1970. The elders told anthropologists that this knowledge was imparted to them by Starpeople who visited their region of our world. The Dogon, prior to 1970, told scientists that Sirius B (1) is small, (2) is a heavy star, (3) is white, (4) has an elliptical orbit and (5) has an orbital period of 50 years. All five of the above statements were later proven to be 100% correct! How is that possible? 

Maybe we should start giving "primitive" people more credibility when they tell us their "folklore." 

Australian aboriginal medicine woman Lorraine Maffi Williams speaks of extraterrestrials as a distinct part of her tribal history. It is not a fireside story for skeptics, but is presented here as an integrally factual segment of her culture. She says: 
According to our people, we came from another planet which suffered galactic disintegration. When we came to Earth, we were given the responsibility to look after the Earth so that would not happen as it did on the other planet.
This is similar to the oral tradition of Amerindian tribes in both North and South America, and from tribes geographically isolated from one another. Williams continues by explaining how our world was and is being environmentally abused by insensitive technocratic cultures. 
The Planet Earth was in very big danger. I say "was." You see, we also have planetary helpers—I call them brothers and sisters from other planets. They just threw their arms up in disgust with us human beings here on Earth about how we destroyed our Earth, our home. Somewhere along the line, they got together and said, "We're not helping them no more. We're finished with them." But God, the being of love and light, said, "I will not let you destroy my Earth." So the planetary helpers came down to Earth to help us restore the Earth and put the energy line grids back.' Their culture is based on this information that they believe to be factual.
Likewise, the Cherokee Indians claim ancestrally that they are from the Pleiadian system. Other Indian tribes, like the Great Lake Woodland Indians, speak of originating from outside the Earth. These are not metaphors or something mythical. The Torojas tribe of Indonesia also claim to be from a planet somewhere in the Pleiades constellation and their day-to-day lives revolve around rituals that purportedly have an extraterrestrial origin. All these years, anthropocentric science has been relegating this information to "legend" and "folklore" instead of investigating and correlating this global phenomenon. Science needs to pay closer attention to ethnohistory if it wishes to discover the real truth. 

Though this particular subject may open Pandora's box, I feel it only fair to relate what the Bigfoot creatures told me and others about humanity's genesis. 

You can buy this interesting book, "The Psychic Sasquatch" here.

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