Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Russell Acord speaks about the recent Bigfoot controversy...

Abe Del Rio's popular Bigfoot blogtalkradio show, MN.B.R.T. interviewed a rising Bigfoot heavy hitter personality, Russell Acord. Who is Russell Acord? Why should we listen to him? In a field filled with so many egos, attention whores and hoaxers, is there room for someone like him? The answer is yes and you will find out why.

Russell Acord puts on the west coast International Bigfoot Conference on Labor Day Weekend in Kennewick, Washington. Bigfoot icon Bob Gimlin has taken on Russell Accord as his manager and the two of them have created a disturbance in the force with other Bigfoot elitists like Marc DeWerth who puts on the Ohio Bigfoot Conference and Bob Gimlin's previous handler, Tom Yamarone who had recently been seen chanting "FREE BOB" at the Patterson Gimlin Conference. Was it jealousy?

In the interview Russell addressed the recent events that occurred at the 50th Anniversary of the Patterson Gimlin film that has shaken up the Bigfoot community. Listen here: