Thursday, October 26, 2017

Sasquatch Chronicles interviews Bob Gimlin regarding what happened at The 50th Anniversary of the Patterson Gimlin Film

Bob Gimlin on Sasquatch Chronicles said: "Wes, can I get it off my chest what actually happened?" And he also said: "I will not go to any conference that Marc DeWerth puts and he used my name for so many things and he will not do it anymore. Because we will make sure of that." - Bob Gimlin

From Wes Germer from Sasquatch Chronicles:
"Bob Gimlin called me tonight and wanted to come on the show to talk about what happen at the 50th Anniversary of the Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot film. Bob has always been there for me in the past and he knows he is always welcome to come on."
"I so sorry to hear this. I normally avoid drama in the bigfoot world but how could the 50th Anniversary event for Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot film go south like it did?"
Wes Germer: "What a mess."

Loren Coleman posted on twitter: “50th Anniversary event for Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot film allegedly blows up when Bob Gimlin wasn’t allowed to speak.”

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