Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Bigfoot in the news...

Bigfoot can be notoriously hard to find. Which is why a North Dakota Cormorant couple is asking for help finding a stolen 8 foot cutout of the ape.

By Ty Filley from Inforum

Becky and Steve Sorenson are like any other retired grandparents. They spend their days feeding birds and squirrels and worrying if everyone's dressed for the weather. They were even kind enough to offer us some homemade cookies.

Oh, and the Sorenson's have an interesting way of showing off their artistic side. Lifelong painter Becky created this; an 8 foot tall plywood cutout of Bigfoot, just for fun. For two summers sasquatch has watched over the Sorenson's lakefront home.

"And we've had many laughs over it," said Becky.

Neighbors love him; "They kind of take ownership too," said Becky.

He's even become a part of the family, taking center stage on the family Christmas Card. Last Saturday, the Sorenson's had a part of their family taken

"You feel a little bit violated," said Becky.

With their missing link missing, all they have left are photos. The monster's fans haven't taken the news well.

"Mad, they're mad! Who'd take our sasquatch," said Becky.

The couple actually caught the would-be thieves in the act around 1:30 a.m. last saturday

"I saw pickup lights in the front yard on the lake," said Steve.

They scared them off, sped away, but by sun-up.

"He was tucked back in here," said Steve.

The thieves were determined to walk away with bigfoot in hand.

Despite being bolted down and treacherous snow, the thieves swiped sasquatch.

"I think it was 15 below saturday night they wanted it bad," said Steve.

At this point, the couple just wants someone to do the right thing.

"But if nothing sles shows up, we're going to put another one up, right away in the spring," said Steve.

The Sorenson's say they filed a complaint with the Sheriff's department.

So far, no one has seen bigfoot.

UPDATE: Big Foot was found on Lake Ida sometime on Saturday. He is a little battered, but owners say back safe and sound.

Source: Inforum

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