Saturday, August 20, 2016

Sasquatch, Yeti and Other Wildmen of the World: A Field Guide to Relict Hominoids, Companion to the Sasquatch Field Guide

Dr. Jeff Meldrum has done it again. The second Bigfoot related pamphlet has been released and this time it covers other relic hominids like yeti, kaptar, yeren, ebu gogo, orang pendek, and so much more.

Most modern humans are transient visitors to the primal forests, whose dark recesses were believed to harbor mysterious creatures, including one more man-like than any other living thing. Throughout history, cultures bordering on forests have recognized a wildman—a hairy hominoid—a man-like monster of the wooded realm. Nearly every continent has its `wildrnan of the woods,' whether giant, man-sized, or huffing. Sasquatch, abnasty, yeti, kaptar, yeren, ebu gogo, orang pendek, are just a few of the regional names they are known by.

Dr. Meldrum's study of primates, living and extinct, has led him from international museums, zoos and laboratories, to the South African bush and the remote badlands of South America. His tracking of potential relict hominoids, especially sasquatch, began when he crossed paths with a long line of enigmatic 15-inch hominoid foot-prints in the mountains of Washington. 

He conducts collaborative laboratory and field research throughout North America, as well as Russia, China, and Indonesia. He has presented his findings in numerous interviews, television appearances, public and professional conferences. His book Sasquatch: Leg-end Meets Science was described by Jane Goodall as bringing "a much-needed level of scientific analysis to the sasquatch —  Bigfoot — debate." He also authored the Sasquatch Field Guide (Paradise Cay), and edits The Relict Hominoid Inquiry, a scholarly on-line journal focused on this global mystery ( 

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