Saturday, August 13, 2016

Interview with a Bigfooter: Crypto Blast Bigfoot Hero, Richard Allen

If you are new to the world of Bigfoot online, there is a blogger by the name of Richard Allen. He's 32 and has been interested in Bigfoot for over 16 years. This blogger does not hold anything back and posts safely from across the pond in England. He has taken Sasquatchery to a whole new level and is this week's Crypto Blast Bigfooter of the week.

So Richard, you have made a name for yourself with your uncensored and refreshing blog about bigfoot researchers (that are actually hoaxers) and what not. What motivated you to start one?
Well I always listened to the Fortean Slip and watched Off the Rictor and you guys did it uncensored and made calling out hoaxers fun. There are a lot of people that come into this community that have to suffer through the cuntbag hoaxing shenanigans of Ed Waterman and Thom Cantrall and it just seemed like a fun way to do it.
Do you think there is hope for finding this mythical creature that some say is spiritual? Your forest friend? Gigantopithicus? Seems like it has a different name per Bigfoot Facebook group.
To be honest I hope so, I know that the real researchers that do actual research are the ones you never hear about. They don't publish their work online or anything they just get on with it, It makes it difficult to track their stuff, but I hope one day we'll hear about it on the news
It seems like in the past 4 years, social media has turned the search for bigfoot into armchair bigfoot generals. You have seen it all. From those that claim bigfoot is your forest friend, to insane YouTubers making videos that make no sense just to get clicks. What is the one thing you have seen that has stood out?
Mr AngusWanguses Ten thousand dollar challenge to Timbergiantbigfoot was a personal high, also anything Tim Fasano ever does is usually pretty damn funny.
You live in England, when you hear people say there are bigfoot-like wildmen in your country, what are your thoughts on that? Is it misidentified Irish men?
Its morons who buy into American cryptids and want to pretend they're doing the same thing, there's nothing to it.
In your opinion, what makes a "credible" bigfoot researcher? Sadly, it seems like there is no such thing. Is it just as rare as a bigfoot sighting to have a "real" researcher?
Finding Bigfoot would look in an active volcano if they thought they would get ratings. The NAWAC are about as real as it gets for me, all you gotta do is investigate your stuff properly to have me on side, I know people say I'm a total dick but I'm pretty easy to please, don't show me photos and say it's definitely bigfoot and then attack anyone that doesn't agree with you, do your proper investigating!
Why do you call yourself a troll (we disagree, we think you hold people accountable for what they say, and that's refreshing in the world of Bigfoot)?
Because I am a troll, I search the internet looking for people to call cunts.
What is a cunt?
I cannot answer that, it's a deep spiritually philosophical question and I do not have all the answers, suffice to say when you see one, you will know.
Over the past few years we have seen may Bigfoot fans become bigfoot social media celebrities within the paranormal world (like Johnson, Reading, Racer X, etc). How can you tell when someone is bullshitting you and the online bigfoot community? Or when they're being legit? What are the first signs of debauchery?
Good question, I suppose really the best way is when they start treating their own word as gospel, when it's true because they say it is, and their legit when they do decent investigations with outside peer review.
Is there hope for the "Bigfoot community"?
Depends on your point of view I suppose, personally if you just find a bunch of people that aren't assholes and just kick back, then that's a fun time, but if you mean are we all gonna come together in peace and work together then no, but it's not just limited to us. 
Richard Allen, you have proven the pen is mightier than the sword, in your case, the keyboard. Thanks for taking the time to talk to us today. How can people read your witty commentary and reach you?
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  1. What I love about Richard is that he and I agree on so much, and he is not about Personalities. If someone steps out of line, he will take them to task, no matter who they are.

    Richard keeps it real. Period.