Friday, August 5, 2016

Interview with a Bigfooter: Crypto Blast Bigfoot Hero, Melissa Adair

The Crypto Blast is excited to announce a new weekly series of interviews with paranormal investigators we find to be exemplary, not only in their field of research, but with character and integrity. Our first guest of honor comes all the way from Georgia. She's a Bigfoot chick in every aspect of the word. She's intelligent, beautiful, strong, and a go-getter, When she's not looking for Sasquatch, she's raising her family and teaches violin music. Meet Melissa Wynn Adair from Squatch Unlimited!

Melissa Adair, you have been around a while. Long before Finding Bigfoot was on TV. You have even gone bigfooting with Matt Moneymaker, the creator of the BFRO. What was that like? Were you a member of the BFRO?
Yes!! I got my start with the BFRO and have been on many expeditions with Matt Moneymaker. Matt is a trip and totally passionate about Bigfoot.
What fascinated you about Sasquatch and monsters that lurk in the dark?
I grew up playing in the woods behind my house. Being in the woods is like coming home. The vastness of the forest has always made me wonder what could be lurking behind the next tree, and I love the thrill of chasing after the unknown.
What are your major influences? And have you learned a trick or two along the way?
Major influences: My dad, Matt Moneymaker and Rob Gaudet, who is now my business partner. Mainly, I've learned that it's a lot like fishing. Some days they want to play and some days they don't. Baiting and call blasting have had interesting results in my research.
We consider you a trend setter in regards to being a bigfooter. You do it with style and you're not afraid to break a finger nail, unlike Rictor Riolo. What advice do you have for future female investigators wanting to get into squatching?
Well, thanks! My advice to any female would be the same for any male wanting to do the research. Go prepared to be in the woods. Learn about wilderness survival. Educate yourself on the sounds of the woods in your area, or the area you are researching and know that 90% of what you experience can be explained.

Animosity, pettiness, and jealousy seems to always rear its ugly head in the paranormal world with other researchers and haughty bigfoot authors. How do you keep your cool when the research turns into Desperate Bigfoot wives?
It is unfortunate that there is a lot of negativity in the online Bigfoot Community. The best thing any of us can do is have a fantastic support system that keeps us following our passions and striving for excellence in any endeavor. No one can thrive in a pool of negativity. I simply remove myself from anything that doesn't serve to lift or inspire me and surround myself with talented, smart and kind people.
The debate over pro kill v no kill, woo v science, where do you stand on those polar opposite and volatile issues?
I am in the NO KILL camp. I believe a body would not be definitive proof and the debate over the existence of these creatures would continue. I simply want the experience of seeing them in their natural habitat and know for myself that they truly exist. Furthermore, I believe that they are most likely to be flesh and blood creatures with high intelligence somewhere between ape and man.
And our last question, what has been your scariest moment and or most exciting experience while out looking for Bigfoot?
One of the most exciting moments was hearing a "classic" howl, like the ones that have been recorded on numerous sites, high on a ridge above where me and other researchers were hiking on a trail in WV. Scariest moment was in Tennessee. when I was with just my family and we were completely alone. I heard bipedal footfalls coming up the creek bed and told my husband is was probably the DNR coming to check on us. It was early evening. Still light. The footfalls stopped right as whatever it was got even with where we were camped. My husband called out. No answer. It was really creepy. Both nights we were there we heard heavy footfalls come up from the creek bed and circle our tent. No sign of anything big like a bear or cat on the mornings that followed.
Thank you Melissa for taking the time to answer some of our questions. Good luck out there!

If any of you Crypto Blast readers have further questions to ask Melissa Wynn Adair, you can contact her at:

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