Saturday, July 2, 2016

Terrifying Reality: The Top Five Best Pieces of Paranormal Evidence on Television

Ever since the debut of Scariest Places on Earth back in 2000, I’ve been a paranormal television junkie. There, I said it. If it’s a reality show with even the slightest connection to ghosts, Bigfoot, or UFOs, I can guarantee that I’ve watched it. Don’t get me wrong, I love chasing down the paranormal myself (I’ve spent the last two decades doing so), but I also really enjoy watching other investigators in action, especially when they’ve finally managed to track down evidence of something they’ve spent their lives seeking.

By the beautiful Dana Mattews from The Week in Weird:

Thanks to the booming popularity of paranormal television, there’ve been countless shows with literally thousands of pieces of evidence captured in the last decade alone, but sometimes it’s a bit hard to separate what’s real and what’s just TV. Over the years there have been a handful of incredible television captures that have left viewers slack-jawed and scratching their heads, me included. Fortunately, I’ve found myself in the unique position to grill the stars of these shows on their encounters in person from time to time, and for the several pieces of evidence listed below, I’ve got no doubts on their authenticity.

Kick back, kill the lights, and get chills with this list of the five best pieces of paranormal evidence ever captured on television.

Check out the site to see the videos...

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