Monday, June 27, 2016

Editorial - How Much Hate Is Enough?

Well, what a ride this has been. I just can’t believe all of the negativity out there in the bigfoot community. I try and find positive posts out there and they are far and few between. Someone has always done someone wrong and let’s get the whole of social media on my side because I was wronged. There are two sides to each story and somewhere in the middle is the truth.

If someone has an opinion that differs from yours, well then let the hate posting begin. Social media has made it so easy to hate without consequences. I truly have had enough of it. There are secret groups of people who are out to hurt others. Then people who pretend to be your friend in hopes of getting some sort of information to be used against you.

I started out trusting people, which my gut feelings hated. I try and see the good in people, but when you prove me wrong, you’re done. I don’t remove or ban anyone, but I do see them now for who they really are. Those of you who fall into this category know who you are. You think I’m stupid, but I’m a lot smarter than you give me credit for.

It doesn’t matter if it’s the Bigfoot world, the paranormal world, the cryptid world or the UFO world. The hate is out there for all to see. When did this happen? Why did this happen? I don’t have those answers, but I do know that I won’t participate in it.

People will ask a question or post something they aren’t sure of and sure enough, the thread disintegrates into name calling and who hates who and who should be banned. I read and watch all sorts of things out there. I don’t comment on them because my opinion doesn’t matter. It only matters to me and I’m certainly not going to change someone’s mind with what I have to say.

This is my forum, you can like me or hate me, I really don’t care. It appears to me that no one learned a lesson from the Orland massacre. Those people were killed because they were different, lived their lives differently and the murderer could not cope with his sexuality. This is what hate does, it turns people against each other. Seems that people have forgotten how to love each other and accept each other despite the differences.

So you see, those who are haters in all of these different groups and forums, you’re no different than the killer in Orlando. You don’t go out and kill people, but you kill ideas and you kill conversations. You try and drown out everything because you don’t like it. You try and destroy anything you don’t agree with and that’s so very sad. You try and cook up your little traps for people to try and make them look bad just so you can make yourself feel better.

I’m done with it all. You think I’m kidding when I say this hurts my heart. It does hurt my heart. It hurts to see so much back biting. Instead of embracing the differences and trying to work with each other, someone is always trying to prove how bad someone is.

DeeCee Salter

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