Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Editorial - The Fall of Kelly Shaw

When it comes to bigfooting, gullibility and idiocy will always bring down the mighty self proclaimed bigfoot researcher. This week's editorial comes a tad bit early...

A bigfoot researcher by the name of Kelly Shaw from Utah pretty much destroyed his bigfoot career/reputation/integrity/whatever by claiming the Idaho bigfoot drone hoax to be real.

Kelly Shaw, the main personality of the Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization, is known to spend more time attacking others on the Internet, claiming to be a real researcher and slandering others like the Bluff Creek Project's Steven Streufert. I have witnessed this over the past year and a half by watching his behavior on Facebook.  Shaw even went after my associate and cousin, Rictor Riolo, on Facebook:

Now apparently, he uses field experience to attack Rictor Riolo. Yet if Kelly Shaw had any field experience or wits about him of his own, he would not have been played by a bigfoot hoax/prank. To quote Rictor Riolo, "Those in glass houses, Kelly Shaw... those in glass houses."

Here is the drone footage that Kelly Shaw single highhandedly shamed himself on by claiming was real:

Now it appears that when it comes to Bigfoot YouTube personalities (which Shaw and Riolo are, in all reality), it's an opinion war, a battle of insults and grand standing. If anything, these men are competing for YouTube hits. It's a popularity competition. At the end of the day, they are actually doing a service to bigfoot. How so, do you ask? They are keeping the legend alive because Sasquatch isn't doing it himself.

DeeCee Salter

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  1. So who next to be exposed for being untruthful and useless?

  2. So who next to be exposed for being untruthful and useless?

  3. You guys might think it's funny and all a joke but this is the very reason serious scientist don't get involved in the search for Bigfoot. Hoaxers, jokers and teenagers who think it's all fun and games. Then assholes like you guys jump on the "bash the Bigfoot guy" bandwagon, and this one guy is a real brave piece of work, posts a profane laced post then can't even be man enough to post his name. One day it'll catch up with you guys and I hope I'm around to see it. Shaw's only mistake was he forgot the number one rule in Bigfootery, "Never assume someone on the internet is telling the truth." No matter how good it sounds, no matter how much you want it to be true. never accept it at face value. Why? Because we have knuckle dragging bits of slim like you guys trolling the web.