Monday, May 23, 2016

Editorial - Some Random Thoughts on Our Place in the Universe

I thought I would take a different turn in my editorial this week. With all of the alien posts, do you ever wonder if we are just one huge experiment? I have found myself thinking that on more than one occasion. I think it’s an interesting topic of discussion.

Think back on all of the old Twilight Zones or Night Gallery’s out there that used that concept. Aliens bringing people back as pets or astronauts who go out into space and then disappear. There are all kinds of episodes out there about aliens.

I find my mind wandering from time to time and when it wanders I think about why are we here or are we even here at all? I know, strange and random thoughts, but am I the only one who has those? Sometimes I think we are under a huge microscope and we are being watched to see what we are up to and how we react to certain events.

Here’s another thought that goes through my head at times, what if we are being manipulated into certain actions to see what the outcome would be? Are we being influenced to think that Bigfoot exists, or that there are Chupacabra’s. Is there really a Moth Man or Goat Man or are we being toyed with by aliens?

The universe is vast and we don’t know everything that is out there. What if we were planted here on Earth? Are we just one giant experiment? What if different life forms were planted on all of the planets and they either went extinct or were eliminated by aliens and we are the only ones left? This lends itself to the theory of Panspermia as well.

Panspermia is the hypothesis that life exists throughout the Universe, distributed by meteoroids, asteroids, comets, planetoids, and by spacecraft in the form of unintended contamination by microorganisms.

Then I laugh and say it just can’t be that way. Life doesn’t work that way. We are not being watched, we are not being controlled and we are not an experiment. We are humans who have free will and thought. But do we????

DeeCee Salter

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