Friday, May 13, 2016

Editorial - Is DeeCee a Hoaxer??

People sure get their jocks in a jumble over Vardit, who is a character and a parody that was created by The Crypto Blast (Click here to see Vardit, the Bigfoot Yenta). She is ENTERTAINMENT pure and simple. Now get this, there is one person out there who has asked that ‘Someone please knock this old bitch out’ signed Anonymous. Hey Anonymous, you want someone to cause bodily injury to someone but you’re too much of a coward to put your name down. Oh, look at the big man on campus wishing harm to a fictional character. You’re so big and bad that Vardit is shaking in her shoes. What a douche bag, yep I said it. Just in case you don’t know what that term means, here is the definition from Wikipedia:
  • A jerk or asshole; a mean or rude person; someone seen as being arrogant, snobby or obnoxious.
Oh, and for those who have unfriended me and removed me from your pages, I say THANK YOU!! You have saved me the trouble of weeding you out. It’s nice that the trash takes its self out. You people take everything so seriously. If you don’t know how to laugh at either yourself or other things, you are a very pathetic human being. No wonder Bigfoot avoids you. Why would they want to be associated with someone so droll and boring?  You just need to stop being so self important and come down off that pedestal that you put yourself on.

Now for the latest scandal! People are claiming that Vardit and I am the same person and that I am a hoaxer. Really? If you have been to my FB page and have watched Vardit, you can see we are very different people. A hoaxer is someone who tries to deceive you. I have never tried to deceive anyone. I don’t claim to have found anything and try and pass it off as something it isn’t.

So let’s make sure this is clear one more time, good grief this is getting to be monotonous, Vardit is a character and a parody. I don’t know why some of you don’t get it, maybe you’re as dense as the forest your looking in for Bigfoot. There are all kinds of videos out there that show tree stumps and people call it Bigfoot - yet you get all worked up over someone who is not real and makes fun of this. I think you all need to be committed for your own safety. If you don’t like Vardit, well I’m really sure you won’t like what’s coming soon from The Crypto Blast.

DeeCee Salter

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  1. Yep. There you go. Can I borrow this for my youtube channel?