Friday, May 13, 2016

Does this video show a GHOST walking through a forest?

Creepy footage captures shadowy figure by side of a road.
  • Figure seen walking across the tarmac from a forest clearing on the left
  • Grey shape, seemingly unaware of human presence, dissolves into trees
  • Driver was on trip when had a feeling "something passed across our way."

From The Daily Mail: The YouTube uploader wrote on the video description: 'The footage was taken during a trip. That was a pleasant journey and everything was quite normal until that happened.

"As we reached along deserted unlit road we felt that something passed across our way. We firstly didn't understand what it actually was, but later as we checked our cam video we were so shocked to see an invisible man kind thing."

People on social media reacted with a mix of skepticism and terror. One YouTube user wrote: 'Why is that your never stop your car after seeing such things?

"Always camera is on before the ghost says what's up as well."

Another commented: "Really scary... I can't sleep tonight."

You can read more here.

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