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Visits From the Forest People (An Excerpt)


Does bigfoot have a language? When it comes to communication, some say this hominid does. And it can talk to you in English, through verbal and Mindspeak capabilities. Please note, it is interesting that the Native Americans never said anything about these creatures having the ability to hold a conversation with you. None-the-less, the book "Visits From the Forest People" by Julie Scott and the Scott Family is an intriguing read. It covers stick structures, infrasound, ultrasound, static electrical charges,and so much more.

The following is an excerpt from  "Visits From the Forest People" by Julie Scott and the Scott Family


Bigfoot seem to have several ways of communicating with each other. Their purported vocalizations or sounds can be found at several websites on the internet. Some common sounds are whoops, whistles, grunts, growls, howls, screams, monkey-type chatter, and clapping sounds that resemble rocks or sticks being knocked together. Recent recordings seem to have even uncovered a type of language that they are speaking to one another. In Bigfoot circles it is called a "Samurai" language, and sounds as if it could be a mixture of some Asian/Oriental dialect and Native American language.

I have even heard one witness say he believes that some Bigfoot are actually speaking English, but are speaking so quickly that the words are simply running together. (Perhaps if we slow down some of the recordings of purported Sasquatch-talk and play them backwards, we might even hear "Paul is dead!" like the Beatles' hoax many decades ago.

Scott Nelson, a cryptolinguist of thirty-plus years for the US Navy, is presently doing in-depth research on Bigfoot language. He has logged thousands of hours of transcription. He is currently teaching Russian, Spanish, Persian, philosophy, and comparative religion at Wentworth College in Missouri. He states, "We have verified that these creatures use language, by the human definition of it. With the recognition and acceptance that these creatures do indeed speak and understand a complex language, a greater effort will be made to collect voice recordings and our analysis of the language will improve. Now that we have a precedent and techniques established for this study, this process will certainly become easier."

As of June 2010, Mr. Nelson has devised the first-ever Bigfoot alphabet. It is called SPA, the Sasquatch Phonetic Alphabet. It was developed for those in Bigfoot research (that would be anyone out in the woods attempting to befriend these creatures), helping them to communicate with common sounds that Bigfoot are known to make. It is a groundbreaking effort!

Bigfoot have also been known to mimic sounds in the forest, from birds to campers snoring! We've heard one mimic an ambulance siren as it drove by our house one day.

Psychic Telepathy or Impressions

This type of communication from Bigfoot to human may be the single most controversial topic in all of Bigfootdom, and splits the ranks like no other subject. I personally believe it happens, because it's happened to my family members and me in one form or another. I have also read about and spoken to others who have had this experience.

For many researchers, though, experience is not proof enough. Wanting "proof' can be a funny thing sometimes, because often there is an attitude that motivates that need. It says, "I need proof so I can understand all the details and take over and control this situation, not to mention how this would benefit me both professionally and financially." I believe it to be true, certainly not just concerning Bigfoot.

Most people do not believe in God because they can't "see" him. Seeing would be their kind of proof. Even if Jesus himself stood in front of people who saw the nail marks on his hands and feet, perhaps even touching him, some would still not believe. Point is, there will ALWAYS be believers and unbelievers, no matter what kind of "proof" is put right of front of them.

Psychic and telepathic communication, or however you want to describe it, is the method of speaking to someone without using audible words, sounds, or signals. It is usually heard in the mind, mind to mind, and many times in distinctive wording that is much more than just an impression, but rather thoughts or pictures.

Some people are rather disturbed about and reject this type of communication because they associate it with a spiritually demonic ability. In their opinion, it should be shunned or avoided. Of course, I agree with this in that regard, but with animals, I am not speaking of the same thing, although it may appear that way.

Bigfoot seems to have a strong ability to communicate with humans by this means. It happened several times with my husband Wayne and our daughter Rachel, as they described while telling their stories.

I, on the other hand, just had strong impressions of their feelings or what they were trying to relate to us. To those of a spiritual world. the Bible calls it "Discerning of Spirits," as described in I Corinthians.

To read more, you can purchase "Visits From the Forest People" by Julie Scott here.

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