Saturday, April 30, 2016

Searching for Bigfoot in North Carolina’s Uwharrie National Forest

Bigfoot was featured on CBS news in North Carolina recently and people call it the Uwharrie Safari because of sasquatch running around. Video after the jump!


TROY, N.C. – The North Carolina forest – quiet, heavily wooded and plenty of shade.

This is bigfoot Country.

“I’ve never seen him. A lot of people think they have or they think he’s here or has been here,” Marion Owen said.

But before hitting the woods, there’s one spot sasquath seekers stop at first, in droves.

“Hundreds, thousands. From all states and all over the world I imagine. I don’t know. England has sent several people over here, they call it a Uwharrie Safari,” Owen said.

Marion Owen opened the Eldorado Outpost with her husband, a former forester at Uwharrie National Forest, twenty years ago. And they learned very quickly to stock up on bigfoot bait.

“Those candy bars, they think he likes peanut butter. I’m not sure what he eats cause I don’t know him!”

Owen says she’s heard countless Big Foot stories over the years…

“Somebody came in one morning and wanted to buy some more buns or rolls, big foot had stole their bread. But I think big foot would have got their meat out of the cooler, that was my idea.”

Even if she’s never seen Big Foot, Owen still believes in the legend.

“Go look for him if you want to. If you see him take a picture, just don’t kill him. I think it would probably bother our business here a little bit,” Owen said.

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