Saturday, April 2, 2016

Editorial - The Humor in Hate

When we launched The Crypto Blast, this was, and still is, our mission statement:

Our mission is to make the paranormal fun with a slight humorous take on most things. People tend to take things too seriously. Enjoy being different. Weird is good.

This past week we introduced a new original series, Vardit, The Bigfoot Yenta. We posted a preview of our newest offering and there was a very positive response. Vardit asked for questions that she would answer. She’s our Dear Abby of Bigfoot, after all.

The first video went out and then the haters came out. You haters are funnier than anything I have seen in awhile. You really want to know why people don’t take you seriously. I’ll tell you, because you don’t think anyone can have a different point of view or use humor for anything.

You play keyboard commando instead of getting out in the field to find evidence to prove what you believe. I’m telling you, if you put as much effort into finding Bigfoot as you do hating people who disagree with you, have a different opinion than you do, or just want to have some fun, you might just find your ‘forest friend.’

The world thinks Bigfoot is a joke because of narcissistic believers. You can say as of right now, for all intents and purposes, Bigfoot is not real. People make threats of violence over this creature that so many of you say has magical inter-dimensional abilities. The Bigfoot community is an insane asylum being run by the inmates. People put false idols on such high pedestals based on no evidence and no merit other than you must take my word for it.

There is nothing wrong with implied humor. Satire, parody and original content; this is what’s missing from the Bigfoot community. Life is just too short not to have a good time. Get a sense of humor and enjoy life. You see the difference between me and the haters is this; I find what they write funny. Yes, funny. If they would even sit down and really read what they write, they would see how stupid it is. Stupid is funny.

Oh, and please pull out a dictionary. If you’re going to use big words and try to insult us, please spell the words right! Here’s another helpful hint, if you don’t like our content, no one is forcing you to watch it or subscribe to it. It’s called freedom and you are free to pass us on by, just as we are free to put our twist of humor on things. One more thing, if you hate what we are putting out, then we must be doing something right.

DeeCee Salter

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