Monday, April 11, 2016

Editorial - The Haters Continue

Some of you people are a mess. I mean a real mess. You get your knickers in a knot over absolutely nothing. I’m betting that you wouldn’t even know a Bigfoot if it came right up to you and did ‘mindspeak’.

I have never laughed so hard at the responses Vardit is getting. If you haven’t seen Vardit, this is what she’s about. Vardit, The Bigfoot Yenta is a character answering letters from Bigfooters in the style of Ann Landers. She will answer all your questions about Bigfoot and dole out some much needed advice for the average and infamous Bigfooter. No one is safe from Vardit's lashing tongue! More after the jump.

You people are in a serious world of hurt. Someone should take you to the doctor and get you medicated. You really need to take a step back and do some soul searching. I’m going to say this again, life is too short to get yourself worked up over something that hasn’t even been proven to exist. To live your life hating other people for their thoughts and ideas is indeed sad.

The difference between you and me is this:
  • I don’t threaten you with death because I don’t agree with you
  • I don’t write vile and hateful things because I don’t like your sense of humor or disagree with you
  • I don’t report you for your stupidity
You keyboard commandos must have a very sad life. You hate yourselves so much that you project that hate onto other people. Step away from the computer, go outside and get a life. Arguing over the Internet is silly. I figure the reason you do it is because you need attention. Any attention, even negative attention is better than nothing.

What I do is shake my head, laugh and move on. You see you’re not worth my time and effort. What I enjoy are the people who can laugh and see the funny side of things. So if you think your negative comments are going to stop me from doing what I enjoy, guess again. Here’s one fact for you; you can’t fix stupid.

So, if you don’t like our content, don’t subscribe and don’t watch it. It doesn’t hurt my feelings in the least. No one is forcing you to watch or read anything you don’t like. You make the choice. You are in control of your destiny. Choose wisely. Now, I’m going to go out and hunt down that unicorn that farts glitter.

DeeCee Salter
Twitter: @TheCryptoBlast

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