Friday, February 12, 2016

Paranormal Research - An Opinion Piece

The explosion of TV shows of ghost hunters and paranormal researchers are everywhere.  You have Ghost Adventures, Ghost Asylum, TAPS and The Dead Files to name a few.  All of these have one thing in common; they make money and lots of it.

If you have ever watched any one of these shows, the premise is the same.  Prove that spirits and demons exist and then try and get rid of them.  I find it interesting that the majority of the investigations always find one or more demonic spirits.

It’s rare that these investigators find a spirit that is just hanging around.  I think if I were able to come back as a spirit I would be playful and have fun.  Why would I want to scare someone?  They would only want to get rid of me.  Enough of that….

Ghost hunting make a lot of people a lot of money (follow the money).  The number Ghost Hunting stores on the Internet are astounding.  They will sell anything and everything you may need to go and hunt ghosts on your own.

Here’s a list of what you can find (this is not a comprehensive list)
  • Dual Full Spectrum & Normal Light Camcorder
  • Footstep Tracker
  • FLIR Thermal Cam TG165
  • K2 Deluxe With Sound Alert
  • Olympus EVP Recorder with USB and LIVE Listening

Those are just individual items that range in price from $160-$400.  Don’t know where to start?  No problem, they have kits you can purchase to get started.  Kits are priced from $70-$700.  As you can see there’s a lot of money to be made.

You can even download ghost hunting apps to your cell phone, eReader or tablet.  You can now use your mobile device to scan and detect a ghost.  Of course there is a disclaimer that comes with these saying that they are for entertainment purposes only.  Is that what this is all about, entertainment?

What about those who are serious researchers?  Are they in it for the money?  I don’t think so, because your local paranormal investigator needs to hold down full time job to pay their bills in order to pursue their search for spirits.  They need to be able to purchase the equipment they use because they don’t have a corporate sponsor who will furnish them everything they need.   These shows raise people’s expectations.  When the local paranormal investigator comes in, the client is most likely expecting what happens on TV.

Remember this; those ghost hunting shows on TV are scripted.  There are some groups I find more credible then others.  However, they are out there to make money.  Your local paranormal investigator has to keep a full time job in order to pursue their search for spirits.  The majority of them investigate at no charge, so no money to be made there.

Follow the money……. Remember; it’s always about the money.

DeeCee Salter


  1. The even more disturbing trend is the number of folks who head out to investigate (ghosts, cryptids, what-have-you), thinking that what they saw on tv constitutes training, or solid investigative technique. Which tends to make those who take it seriously enough to use good methodology look bad.

  2. Good article, coming from a fledgling paranormal investigator.