Sunday, February 21, 2016

Editorial: Bigfoot – What’s the Real Story?

I’m going to start this by first declaring that I don’t think Bigfoot exists. It may have at one time but with people moving into forested areas, I would think something would have been found by now. Now that I have that out of the way, let me be the first to say if proof were to ever be found, I would have no issue saying I was wrong, but I don’t think I am.

I have done a lot of reading and to be quite honest, a lot of laughing. The theories are plentiful:

Bigfoot is an alien
Bigfoot can cloak himself
Bigfoot travels through portals

You get the idea. Read more after the jump...

There have been a lot of stories by the indigenous peoples of the Northwest Pacific regarding a Bigfoot. In 1958 the Bigfoot legend really took off in the United States. A man named Gerald Crew found a set of large footprints at a construction site where he worked in California. He had his friend make plaster casts of the prints. The story was then published in the Humboldt Times, and was picked up by the Associated Press, drawing international attention.

Well, it turned out that the footprints were a hoax. After the death of a man named Ray Wallace, who was the brother of the man in charge of the construction site, his family came forward to say he was responsible for faking the prints. It is also said that the editor of the Humboldt Times was involved in the hoax. It was either too late or people just didn’t care because the hunt for Bigfoot was on.

Now that the word hoax has been used let’s make sure we agree on what it means:
  • a ​plan to ​deceive a ​large ​group of ​people; a ​trick
This is the definition from the Cambridge Dictionary. If you don’t agree with the definition, go argue with them.

I’m all about science and finding the existence of things we haven’t seen before. But I’m also a realist. Bigfoot can’t cloak himself. Reminds me of the Star Trek episode where Captain Kirk goes and gets the Klingon’s cloaking device.

Bigfoot does not travel through portals. Portals do not exist. Bigfoot did not come to earth in an alien spaceship. If you think that’s the case, you’ve been watching too many episodes of Ancient Aliens and their Ancient Astronaut Theories.

What do all of these theories have in common? Money and lots of it. You need to follow the money. Anyone out there that claims Bigfoot exists, or that Bigfoot talks to them telepathically, that Bigfoot travels through portals and then asks people for money to help them in their research is playing you.

People want to believe so badly they will shell out all kinds of money to make it so. All you’re doing is funding a lifestyle for them, nothing more. They sit back and come up with more plausible stories and ask for more money.

Where is their evidence? There is none and why is that? If you tried to put the science behind the claimed evidence they would be shown to have hoaxed you. Yes, these people are perpetuating an elaborate hoax to get money from you. They are laughing all the way to the bank. FOLLOW THE MONEY!

DeeCee Salter


  1. I've been involved with the Community for around 3 years now and nobody has asked me for a dime. What do you make of the PG film ? Hoax ? Real ? What about Stacy Browns thermal footage ? What about the thousands of reports of these animals across the USA (& World if reports are to believed) As a crypto reporter I'd have expected a more open minded approach to the subject 🤔

  2. I started in 1975. Money has always been a factor in the subject. From movies to books to now you tube and Patreon and conferences. The internet brought out the Beckjord effect big time. In my older age now I don’t think it exists. I would still love to be proved wrong. But 40 plus years to many dead ends, fakes, liars and pure fraud has taken a fun mystery and ruined it.