Sunday, May 14, 2017

The Bigfoot artwork of Rictor Riolo

Rictor Riolo was a cast member of Spike TV’s Ten Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty. But before he was on that Sasquatch competition reality show, he was busy creating artwork of Bigfoot researchers. In fact that’s what got him noticed by online Bigfooters. Since then he has also been busy making YouTube videos which some of you may have seen. After Hours with Rictor (The #1 Bigfoot Webcast), Off the Rictor, and Face Off.

Some of his Bigfoot researcher portraits are scandalous and push the envelope. Satire comes in all shames and sizes. For example, Rictor drew Matt Moneymaker from the BFRO and Finding Bigfoot as a drag queen. He also created a masterpiece where Bigfoot is having doggy style anal sex with Matt Moneymaker as seen here.

Now when Rictor draws researchers, it’s a gift. He no longer takes commissions or requests. He says, “There are too many ego maniacs out there who wanted me to draw them, but when I decline for time constraints, I am then called names and my integrity is targeted. People will use you to elevate their social status. It happens all too frequently.”

“I have even had artwork stolen from me and used for their own commercial interests. I have caught people using my artwork and saying they drew it. Plus my artwork has also been altered and misused. The Bigfoot community is very small and the truth always shows its face.”

So what’s next for Rictor Riolo’s Bigfoot art? He told us he is planning a “tell all” book on Bigfooters and the Bigfoot community and is planning on doing that with an art book showcasing all the portraits he has done. We are betting it’s gonna be a hit when it gets finished.

To see Rictor’s artwork, click here.

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