Monday, May 15, 2017

Crop circles: An outrageous theory...

We have all seen the numerous photos of crop circles since they became mainstream in the 1980s. First they were in England, then they spread to the United States. What are they? Are they alien designed? Hoaxes? They are always done at night for some reason. There is one Doctor that theorized that they are caused by summer whirlwinds...

Dr. Terence Meaden, an atmospheric physicist, suggested that the circles had been produced by a summer whirlwind. Such wind effects are not uncommon on open farmland. But Dr. Meaden had to admit that he had never seen or heard of a whirlwind creating circles.

Moreover, it was noticed that the center point on all three circles was off center by as much as 4 feet. The swirling patterns around these points were therefore oval, not circular. This seemed to contradict another theory, namely that vandals had caused the damage; vandals would hardly go to the trouble of creating precise ellipses.

You can read more by purchasing the book: "Strange: True Stories of the Mysterious and Bizarre" by Colin Wilson and Damon Wilson here.

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