Saturday, May 13, 2017

Missouri professor discusses Bigfoot...

Is Bigfoot real? Well, that depends on who you are talking to, according to Dr. Christine Boston, an anthropology professor at Lincoln University.

By Wyatt Loethen for The Clarion News

Boston recently gave a talk called “Bigfoot: The Cryptid, the Legend, the Reality?” at Missouri River Regional Library discussing the authenticity – and lack thereof - of the legendary Bigfoot and its various other forms, such as the Yeti and Momo, the Missouri monster. Nearly 50 people attended the talk, including LU students and local community members.

As Boston explains in her discussion, Bigfoot is a popular pop-culture topic that has been around since the Cheyenne Native American tribe, but Bigfoot didn’t pop up into mainstream American culture until the 1800s. Stories of Bigfoot sightings have captured the attention of people so much that the elusive creature has dedicated television shows on channels such as the History Channel and The Discovery Channel.

Many of these sightings have been debunked as hoaxes; however, many people still claim and believe that Bigfoot is out there roaming the wild. In fact, one woman from Idaho recently claimed Bigfoot distracted her while driving, causing her to crash.

Boston’s interest in Bigfoot began when one of her colleagues assigned a paper to her students about primates, and about half of the papers were about Bigfoot.

Naturally, everyone wants to know one thing: is he real? “It is possibly plausible there is a Bigfoot,” says Boston, noting that there isn’t any empirical evidence to assert that he is, in fact, real. But, according to Boston, people will still try to investigate to prove that Bigfoot exists.

“Human desire to know and understand drive our curiosity into the unknown,” says Boston.

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