Saturday, January 7, 2017

Editorial: The Bigfoot Comic Book by Rob Zombie (Issue #4)

This is the final issue in a 4-part series from the 2005 IDW comic book called BIGFOOT by. Steve Niles and Rob Zombie, teamed up to present a realistic take on the legendary Bigfoot. A monstrous ape-man is stomping around the woods of the Pacific Northwest, and he’s not happy with mankind. Bigfoot also offers master artist craftsman, Richard Corben, a return to his true horror roots as he fully renders the imposing beast as only he can. The following is our editorial on the climatic conclusion to this comic book for issue #4.

Recap: In the first issue Bigfoot killed and drag off a deer... murdered the protagonist's parents and their dog then in the second issue, crushed a motorist with a dead bear's body, slaughtered ATV riders and two lesbian campers. The third issue reunited the cowardly sheriff with the young man wanting revenge for the murder of his parents. This fourth issue begins the final act of this Bigfoot horror story.

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Sheriff Hicks and Bill Fuller are locked and loaded and are out to kill Bigfoot! They stop by a familiar real life Bigfoot souvenir store and blow away a Bigfoot totem pole. nice little Easter egg in the story...

The boys along with a deputy are traversing the forest looking for their missing Deputy Sanchez. Spoiler: It didn't end too well for her in issue #3.

They are able to locate her through GPS, in the middle of a cliff over hanging the canyon. And when they make their plans on how to get her, that's when the monster attacks.

This is where the story becomes entirely visually with very little written dialogue. It's non stop action and fighting from this point on, depending entirely on the artist's talents to capture the suspense and action.

There are a couple shocking surprises in this issue inside Bigfoot's lair. Horror and unsuspecting. Do you want to know what Bill finds  inside the hidden cave as he is fighting for his life? Do you want the story to be spoiled entirely? Lets just say the one eyed Bigfoot is bringing home the bacon...

The issue ends with a bite, a sheriff in a tree, and a splat. How do you like those vague descriptions?

The final issue paid off. It wrapped up the story vividly and left it open for a sequel. Since this came out over 12 years ago in 2005, I doubt Rob Zombie and Steve Niles will do another another run. 

As a fan of Bigfoot artwork and multimedia, I was very happy with this comic book series. A lot of work went into it and the attention to detail was outstanding. It was an adult comic book so don't kid yourself that it was for kids. It Incorporated adult situations, language and nudity. Definitely not Harry and the Hendersons here folks.

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