Friday, November 11, 2016

Editorial: The Bigfoot Comic Book by Rob Zombie (Issue #1)

In 2005 a 4-part comic book series came out called BIGFOOT by IDW comics. Steve Niles and Rob Zombie, teamed up to present a realistic take on the legendary Bigfoot. A monstrous ape-man is stomping around the woods of the Pacific Northwest, and he’s not happy with mankind. Bigfoot also offers master artist craftsman, Richard Corben, a return to his true horror roots as he fully renders the imposing beast as only he can. The following is our editorial on the comic book.

As an artist myself, I like to study different artistic patterns, especially when it comes to Bigfoot. This series. The artist, Richard Corben, has a raw approach with his illustrations. There is a gritty realness and energetic vibe to the horror being presented on paper. the writing is enough to keep your interest going. not too lengthy, not too short. just right for setting up the situation and character development. Take a look here:

So the story begins in issue #1 about a little boy named Billy on a road trip with his parents to Blackwood Mountain National Park in 1973. Alas, things don't go as planned when a giant hairy beast pays a visit to their cabin. I don't want to spoil anything, but I think you can guess what happens. This beast isn't one of your forest friends, folks.

There's blood, there's gore, there's death, and nudity. And as you read above, bad words are even used in this adult based comic book.

I haven't read issue #2 yet. I was thinking about doing a review on it when I finish each comic book. So expect another editorial on this series next week. I was very pleased with the comic book. The attention to detail is extraordinary and you can tell Rob Zombie and Steve Niles did their homework on Sasquatch lore.

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