Friday, November 25, 2016

Editorial: The Bigfoot Comic Book by Rob Zombie (Issue #2)

In 2005 a 4-part comic book series came out called BIGFOOT by IDW comics. Steve Niles and Rob Zombie, teamed up to present a realistic take on the legendary Bigfoot. A monstrous ape-man is stomping around the woods of the Pacific Northwest, and he’s not happy with mankind. Bigfoot also offers master artist craftsman, Richard Corben, a return to his true horror roots as he fully renders the imposing beast as only he can. The following is our editorial on the comic book for issue #2.

Like I said in the review of issue #1, as an artist myself, I like to study different artistic patterns, especially when it comes to Bigfoot. Artist, Richard Corben, does a magnificent job of showing us the Pacific Northwest at night with stars shining through dark ominous clouds. Perhaps foreshadowing the horror that's about to happen to two lesbian campers. 

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This issue begins with quite a bang. Literally. An old geezer singing "Dragula", a Rob Zombie song (of course) while driving through the woods is crushed by a 900 pound dead grizzly bear. The cowardly Sheriff Hicks (who we met in issue #1) knows whats going on and is clearly over his head with what to do.

Bill Fuller, the protagonist of this series is plagued with nightmares of the monster that killed his folks and is contemplating on buying an assault rifle at Wal-Mart (Hal-Mart) as it is called in the comic book. 

Bill finally makes the decision to go after the beast and leaves his wife and kid behind...

And makes his way to the location where his folks were killed back in 1973, Happy Trails campground. And that's where the issue ends.

One of the issue's highlights was the Jurassic Park-like chase sequence. The monster Sasquatch was chasing a surviving woman and man riding an ATV. Spoiler: This time, the humans didn't out run the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

I will cover issue #3 next week and was once again very pleased with the comic book. The attention to detail continued you can tell Rob Zombie and Steve Niles did their homework on Sasquatch myths.

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