Saturday, November 26, 2016

Crying Blood

When what appeared to be blood began streaming from the eye of a Virgin Mary statue in Sacramento, believers took it to be a divine sign. Doubters call it a ruse, even after all these years, the battle rages on.

There is nothing easier to believe than that we wish to be true. From monsters to UFOs to signs from beyond. And when religion is involved, the interest is magnified. Such was the case in 2005 when a statue of the Virgin Mary outside a Sacramento catholic church appeared to be crying blood. Thing is, it's never really been explained. even a decade later. The immediate response was that of a miracle, at least to those who believed it was a message. To those who didn't, well, like anything supernatural, there was an attitude of doubt. This was hardly the first or the last report worldwide of a Virgin Mary statue crying, although many turn out to be easily-explained hoaxes.

But not all do. And that's the case with the statue in the Sacramento church. One morning, in mid-November of 2005, a priest at the Vietnamese Catholic Martyrs Church noticed a small blemish. reddish in color, on the face of the white concrete statue of Mary. Not thinking much of it, he simply wiped it off. The hysteria began a few days later, on Nov. 20, when numerous people noticed the same red-like substance dripping down from the statue's eye before Mass. The blood-like liquid descended from each corner of the statue's left eye, with it dripping all the way down below the chin on the far side. Some of the droplets even fell to her robe. This time around, there was no effort to remove the substance.

Source: Unsolved Mysteries

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