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"The Cowman of Copalis Beach!"

Have you heard the story of the Cowman of Copalis Beach? It is probably one of the most frightening Bigfoot stories ever told. It took place in the mid 1960’s, and it's about a family’s terrifying encounter with an eight  foot tall Bigfoot on their property in Grays Harbor County, Washington. “There was a full moon that night, and Jon could see across the field and into the inky dark of the woods. The night air was filled with the sound of thousands of crickets, and the pond behind the house was full of croaking frogs. As the moon rose higher, clumps of weeds in the field began casting sinister shadows, and before long Jon was seeing big hairy creatures sneaking up on him in each of them”

"The Cowman of Copalis Beach!" 
by S. D. Baker

My dad worked in the timber industry his whole life. His father was a logger, and he grew up in and around the woods. My dad started his  logging company when he was eighteen, and has owned and operated shake and shingle mills from Oregon dear up to Thorn Bay, Alaska.

He is an intelligent man and holds over a dozen patents for various pieces of equipment he has designed and built over the years. He has employed dozens of people over the years, all of them spending extensive time in the wilderness.

When I was a boy, I remember healing bits and pieces of conversations among some of the men at the mill. Although nobody would tell me directly, I understood that something had gone on before I was born, and it involved one of the foremen, `Jon'. They weren't jolting around, they were genuinely afraid, and wouldn't talk about it with a kid.

When I was young, my dad wouldn't tell me about it because I would often go out into the woods cutting blocks with him on the weekends, and he didn't want me to be afraid of the woods. While I was speaking with him last weekend, I told him of a couple of strange events that happened to me later in the wilderness, and that reminded me of the hints at a story I heard when I was a boy. After some prodding he told me the following story.

In the mid 1960's, my dad owned a large roofing product mill in Aberdeen, WA. He had teams of men that would cut the fallen old growth cedar salvage left after a logging operation. He had permits to salvage a large amount of wood in the coastal areas of Grays Harbor County, primarily in the area around Copalis Beach. Several of the men on his cutting crews lived in and around Copalis Beach. His foreman, a man I will call Jon for the story, was a bright, down to earth hard worker. My dad trusted him with thousands of dollars of vehicles and equipment, as the safety of his crews. He was not the kind of man to make up stories.

On a Monday morning sometime in July, Jon was several hours late for work. This was highly unusual as he was always there early, getting the saws and trucks ready for the day. My dad said he was visibly shaken up, and when he asked him what was wrong, he asked my dad to go in the office so the others wouldn't hear them. They went in and sat down, and Jon simply said "Something destroyed our house this weekend." My dad thought he said "someone. broke into the house, and asked Jon if it was someone he knew. Jon said, "You don't understand, this wasn't a person. It was a... I don't know what it was, but it completely trashed the house. The family is going to stay with my brother in Elma for a while.

My dad asked him to explain what had happened. Jon said that when he got home from work Friday evening, his youngest son Tim, who was around four at the time, told him he saw a big "Cowman. walking at the edge of their field that afternoon. He thought the boy meant "Cowboy", because some of his neighbors wore cowboy hats when they were out in the sun.. asked him if the man was wearing a cowboy hat, and the boy said, "No daddy, he was a Cowman, furry and stinky like the cows.. He asked his wife if she knew what he was talking about, and she said Tim was playing on the porch that afternoon, when he came running in and said the cowman was stuck on the fence. He was very excited, so she went out to see what he was talking about. She said as she opened the door, she was hit by a horrible smell, like wet dogs and garbage. Tim was pointing across to the field opposite their house and said, "He got loose!. She looked where he was gesturing and could see the top strand of barb wire bouncing up and down, as if somebody had just pulled on it really hard and let it go. She didn't see the "Cowman", and noticed nothing out of the ordinary except for the smell.

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Source: Bigfoot Encounters

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