Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Bigfoot graffiti afflicting a Vermont town!

A mystery in Addison county, who is behind bigfoots footsteps in Bristol Vermont? Now they're smaller and it's making some local town people angry. Is it art?

From WCAX:

Bigfoot prints in Bristol now come in a smaller, elementary school size.

Reporter Kyle Midura: Think you could have a new classmate at school this year?

Lila Brightman, 8: Maybe.

The prints around town have been part of local lore for decades, but this summer's batch is different.

"This one was kind of a big blast of footprints. In the past, they would kind of turn up here or there," Bristol Police Chief Kevin Gibbs said.

Prints never appeared in front of the school, on the town garage, or in favorite swimming holes before.

"That's taking it a bit too far," said Reed Prescott, a local artist.

Prescott says he understands creative expression, but is disappointed by what he sees as a destructive turn. He's not alone in his concern. Chief Gibbs says the perpetrator faces community service if he or she ever stumbles into custody.

"It's not a high priority as it relates to other crimes we're investigating," Gibbs said.

Over the decades, authorities have been unable to catch anyone white-footed, which leads some to believe the culprit may actually be the creature.

"I seen his prints up here. I know he's out there," said Tyler Malloy of Middlebury.

Kyle Midura: So are you at all concerned for your safety?

Tyler Malloy: I'd like to say I'm not, but you don't know what's out there.

"I think that someone's playing a joke," Lila Brightman said. "I think it's kind of funny, but also kind of mean... because some people might thing that it's actually a real Bigfoot and might be scared of it."

Kyle Midura: Have you considered the possibility that Bigfoot may actually be on the loose and got into some white paint?

Chief Kevin Gibbs: I believe that Bigfoot exists, but I don't think he's making footprints in Bristol.

Danger just may be lurking around the corner. But don't expect everyone to start flipping out.

Click here to see the video and the photos.

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