Thursday, August 25, 2016

Dr. Disotell met Dr. Jane Goodall recently!

At the recent International Primatological Society and the American Society of Primatology, Dr. Goodall was honored with a lifetime achievement award. Bigfoot Bounty judges, Anthropologist Dr. Todd Disotell and Primatologist Natalia Reagan, were there as well. And this is what Todd posted on social media:

FTW, just chatted with Jane Goodall about how as a six year old I wrote her a letter and she wrote me back. And 40 years later I sequenced her mtDNA for a show on Animal Planet and compared it to Frodo to demonstrate how closely related humans and chimps are.
Way to go, Todd!

 If you haven't seen Todd and Natalia's new web series, Talking Science check it out:

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