Thursday, August 25, 2016

Southern Oregon Journal: Coast trip turns up Bigfoot and Langlois

Peggy Dover for the Mail Tribune wrote a nice story about what you can see along the Oregon coastline... chain-sawed, wooden Bigfoot sculpture and amazing woodwork at a hardwood mill and giftshop called Something Awesome...

It was another cool, bright morning on the Southern Oregon coast — perfect for tunes and a leisurely drive. One nice thing about south coast traffic is there’s far less of it than with the mass of tourist assemblage to the north. The luxury of time I enjoyed meant embracing U-turns for whatever caught my eye. Passing lanes at regular intervals allowed those not hunting for a chain-sawed, wooden Bigfoot sculpture to ease on down the road.

A couple of towns on Oregon’s south coast catch my attention each night on the evening weather map. In all my traversing 101, I can’t recall even passing through Langlois or Sixes, yet there are representative dots on the map, siren communities calling for exploration. I determined to hunt them down, find out how to pronounce Langlois, and learn why they deserve a forecast. 
When I did see a giant chain-sawed Bigfoot contemplating his fate and keeping company with a dragon, 10-foot praying mantis and a freaky pumpkin-headed scarecrow, I turned around to chance an interview. 
The name of the business at the south end of Bandon is Something Awesome. It's an exotic hardwood mill and gift shop, owned and run by Ben and Jennifer Davis and David and Debbie Leister. Twenty to 30 woodcrafters combine to carve sensible objects such as tables, benches, dog houses, etc. 
And there are world-renowned artists creating the outrageous, for example Brian Vorwaller, Artist Extreme — check him out on Facebook. Jennifer said it wasn’t until they added the mammoth, carved creatures that folks realized they were there. Worked for me.
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