Saturday, March 25, 2017

Notes on Bigfoot Encounters!

BIGFOOT Country is a map showing the location and descriptions of the most credible sightings in northern California. Anyone traveling these roads should keep a map of these hot spots handy.

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1. January, 1973. A truck driver hits a 7-foot Bigfoot on US 101. The front of the logging truck is badly damaged.

2. August, 1958. Road builders Ray Wallace and Jerry Crew find 17 inch Bigfoot tracks all around a parked Caterpillar tractor 20 miles north of Weitchpec. The tracks reappear a month later and plaster casts are taken. Weekly, thereafter, Jerry sees Bigfoot tracks going from northwest to southeast on the same logging road. Ray Wallace finds human-like droppings the size of those a 1200 pound horse would make. Wilbur Wallace, Ray's brother, finds a full 55 gallon oil drum carried to the edge of the road and thrown down the hill. He also finds a 20 foot length of 18 inch culvert carded some distance away, and a 700 pound tire and wheel for a "carryall," which has been rolled for 'A mile and hurled into a ravine.

3. Fall, 1958. Editor Andrew Genzoli and the senior staff photographer of the Times-Standard see Bigfoot tracks and feces of monumental proportions like those of a "2 ton bear with chronic constipation."

4. 1958. Lawrence Orneg sees a Bigfoot outside his shack after work on a logging job. He quits his job and leaves the following day.

5. September, 1958. Bigfoot tracks are seen 4 different times on Bluff Creek Road.

6. October 1, 1958. Jerry Crew finds 'A mile of Bigfoot tracks on Bluff Creek Road and makes casts.

7. October 12,1958. Ray Kerr and Leslie Brezeale see a Bigfoot cross a 20 foot road in two strides and find tracks several miles south of where they are usually seen on Bluff Creek Road. Hired by Ray Wallace to track Bigfoot, they redouble their hunting effort, but their dogs disappear a few days later and are never seen again.

8. 1959. A husband and wife flying a private plane over Bluff Creek see and follow Bigfoot tracks until they pass over the Bigfoot making them.

9. Mid-October, 1958. Bigfoot tracks are seen in Bluff Creek.

10. October 23, 1958. Bigfoot tracks are seen on Bluff Creek Road.

11. October 28, 1958. Two miles of Bigfoot tracks are seen on Bluff Creek Road.

12. October 30, 1958. Bigfoot tracks are seen going down a side hill from Bluff Creek Road.

13. November 2, 1958. Bob Titmus and Ed Patrick find Bigfoot tracks on the Bluff Creek sandbar.

14. December 18, 1958. Betty Alien finds 6 miles of Bigfoot tracks on Bluff Creek Road.

15. August 16, 1959. Bob Titmus finds 300 yards of Bigfoot tracks along Bluff Creek sandbar.

16. August 30, 1959. Bob Titmus finds a fresh stretch of Bigfoot tracks along Bluff Creek sandbar.
17. November 1, 1959. Bob Titmus finds more Bigfoot tracks at Bluff Creek sandbar.

18. November 2, 1959. Betty Alien finds Bigfoot tracks coming down a canyon and along Bluff Creek Road.

19. January 30,1960. Betty Alien finds Bigfoot tracks around a shovel loader on Humboldt Fir logging road at Bluff Creek.

20. 1969. Peter Byrne, Brian Matthes, and Steve Matthes find Bigfoot tracks along Bluff Creek.

21. June 19, 1960. Dr. Charles Johnson and his family find Bigfoot tracks on both sides of the Klamath River'/ mile west of Bluff Creek.

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