Sunday, March 26, 2017

A Bigfoot DNA forensic kit was stolen from a Bigfoot Bounty cast member

Crypto Blast contributor Rictor Riolo posted this on his Facebook profile: "One of my prized possessions, my DNA forensic collecting kit, has been stolen. If you see any bigfooters using something like this, let me know. It's the best out their in the field."

"It was assembled by Dr. Todd Disotell and archaeologist Kathy Strain and many hours went into producing and refining it. The test tubes were blue capped with "Greiner" as the brand and the grey rollup kit was by "Ergodyne". Everything is of course replaceable. But the fact is, it was something I was proud of and valued highly."

Here is a video of him presenting it to Dr. John Bindernagel:

If you have seen it or know of anyone that may have stolen it, please contact Rictor at

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