Monday, February 6, 2017

Bigfoot researcher, Tom Yamarone, needs your prayers!

Tom Yamarone, the Bob Dylan of the Bigfoot community, musician and researcher has suffered an unfortunate stroke. This occurred while he was at home in his backyard and was taken to the hospital. Hopefully he will recover and do well with his upcoming physical therapy. His wife, Marilee, posted this on Facebook:
Thank you all for the prayers and positive thoughts. Tom appreciates each of you. I am reading all your messages to him as time allows. So.....Tom had a stroke and the goal is to get him into rehab as soon as possible. I will continue to share your good wishes and I know he would appreciate any notes and cards you'd like to send him. We will respond as best we can. Tom loves you all. Please keep him in your prayers. - Marilee

Get well Tom! You have a speaking engagement next month in San Francisco, we hope you can make it. We hope you are on the mend and recover well!

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