Monday, February 6, 2017

Bigfoot in Florida?

Bigfoot lives in Florida! There's a fun headline for you. Here in the Sunshine State, however, he's called the Florida Skunk Ape. Or she. Who are we to say? It's not like anyone's ever gotten close enough to see.

By Linda A. B. Davis from The Pensacola News Journal

Oh, there are some sightings here and there. They run along the same line as alien sightings, though. Most people won't go public if they see something which gives them pause. They value not being viewed as the neighbor with the crazy talk. It leaves us to hear the stories only from the people on the fringes of society, people we don't trust to know reality anyway.

But — and this is an interesting but — there are sometimes those average people doing daily, boring things who happen to see something weird. Their family and friends know they're not crazy, so they just assume they're mistaken. Maybe the person saw a biological offshoot of a gorilla. Or a bear on hind legs. Or a person in a costume playing a trick — a hoax, to be more specific. Go online and check it out. The witness accounts are so "normal" in some cases, it might make you wonder.

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