Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Monsterquest:The Sasquatch of Vancouver Island

In the Pacific Northwest, a small island may hold the clue to unraveling the mystery of the legendary Sasquatch. Vancouver Island is a densely forested land mass located about 70 miles northwest of Seattle, Washington. The island is separated from Canada's mainland by water and is a popular destination for hikers, hunters and possibly something frightening and mysterious. Natives told tales to their children of an ape-like beast to be feared that would steal them should they venture into the forest. More than just stories of a bogeyman, recent witnesses tell equally terrifying stories of a monster that attacks as they sleep and is seen devouring fish on the coastline. Now our expedition team follows up these reports, launches their own hunt and finds that recent scientific discoveries of swimming apes could lead them to their most astounding discovery yet.

From the YouTube channel of Beast Tracker:

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