Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Haunted Bachelors Grove Cemetery – The true story

This film is about the Real Bachelor's Grove, the history, the stories, the legends that manifested from this location are forever burnt into the minds of the Chicago area. From the desecrations that took place along with the many ghosts and the souls of those departed. Find out how it all came to be and what could be in it's future. . Very informative about the history of the area and the history of reports of apparitions, phantom cars, a moving house and the Madonna of Bachelors Grove date back from as early as the 1950's.

by Edward Shanahan from Chciago Now

Haunted Bachelors Grove Cemetery is a location in the Chicago land area that has produced many tales.

The documentary below is: The Real Bachelor's Grove - a documentary by Jimmy O'Connor that was produced in 2014. Narrated by world renown paranormal investigator Mr. Dale Kaczmarek with Edward Shanahan, Dr. Chuck Kennedy, Jason Sullivan.

I was exploring Bachelors Grove Cemetery way back in 1974 at the age of 16. Dale Kaczmarek may have been exploring Bachelors Grove Cemetery before me, as he does have a couple years on me in the age category. We both have always lived within minutes of Bachelors Grove Cemetery and have experienced it back when it was just being discovered and becoming known for its haunted stories.

The person that made Bachelors Grove Cemetery (some spell it Bachelor’s), is Mr. Richard Crowe who has passed away. His name is legend and is basically the only name mentioned pertaining to the paranormal field in Chicago. The paranormal is usually discussed at the psychic house parties that I do readings at, as the majority have come across either my articles or videos.

I hope you enjoy the documentary below and it is free.

Source: Chicago Now

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