Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Paranormal presidents: superstitions, seances and ghosts in the White House

While the partisan hysterics of the 2016 Presidential Election has amateur political pundits “unfriending” each other on Facebook and torn family relationships asunder, we’re more interested in the things that can bring people together. And nothing unifies a nation like a great supernatural experience!

American presidents are no stranger to the world of the weird. From Jimmy Carter’s UFO encounter to Ronald and Nancy Reagan’s enthusiasm for astrology, the various Leaders of the Free World have not only had their own experiences, it seems like some wanted to keep the job so bad, they’ve never left.

It’s the Lincoln Bedroom that has a ton of paranormal presidential stories and people have seen the spirit of good ol’ Lincoln himself, his wife Mary Todd was a believer in spiritualism who wanted to contact the spirit of their deceased son and it’s believed that they conducted seances in the White House. From premonitions of his death to ghosts of the conspirators involved in his assassination, it seems like Lincoln’s afterlife has been just as eventful as his life.

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