Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Now that we have a new President, lets hear some White House ghost stories!

Check out these ghost stories reported from the White House over the years!


Abraham Lincoln: Abraham Lincoln appears in the Lincoln Bedroom and Yellow Oval Room First Lady Grace Coolidge, Prime Minister Winston Churchill, and Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands claim to have seen Lincoln.

Willie Lincoln: Willie Lincoln, who died in the White House, was seen in the White House by staff members of the Grant administration in the 1870s.

Andrew Jackson: Andrew Jackson supposedly lying in his bed in the Queens Bedroom (Rose Room) lets out a guttural laugh that has been heard in the White House since the 1860s. Mary Todd Lincoln claimed to have heard Jackson stomping and swearing.

Thomas Jefferson: Thomas Jefferson plays his violin in the Yellow Oval Room.

Dolley Madison: Dolley Madison protects the Rose Garden.

John Tyler: John Tyler haunts the Blue Room proposing to Julia Gardner, his second wife.

William Henry Harrison: William Henry Harrison haunts the attic. He was the first president to die in the White House.

Abigail Adams: Abigail Adams hung laundry in the East Room and contemporary staff can smell wet laundry and the scent of lavender.

Unnamed British Soldier: An unnamed British Soldier who perished during the War of 1812 roams the White House grounds holding a torch.

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Source: White House History

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  1. I visited my Grandfather John W.Crumpacker RADM11 by myself on an airplane and stayed at his gov.residence with 2 aids for The Chief of the Bureau Supplys and Accounts in D.C. He was appointed by J.F.K. with a Senate conformation.