Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Bigfoot Nation: The Search for SOHA (Part 1) Preview #2

Bigfoot personality, Rictor Riolo, is set to release the next chapter in his highly anticipated Bigfoot YouTube series, Bigfoot Nation, this Thanksgiving. Here is a new clip from the upcoming 60 minute show.

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And here is the first preview if you haven't seen it yet:

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  1. I have to agree with Rictor on this point. There are people out there that claim to have any number of sightings, encounters, they call bigfoot their "forest friend". They communicate with them via various means including speak and telepathy, but they just can't take a picture or get a little DNA. Why? That depends on who you ask, one fellow will tell you because it's a violation of their agreement to meet. Yes, really. I had one fellow become what I considered to be dangerously angry that I would dare ask him to provide a college or university proof. If they wanted it they should be out here looking, he actually considered them to be looking to steal his information in order to get all the credit for finding the, themselves?

    These are real responses I've gotten over the years, in fact I have had people who claim to see bigfoots in pictures where there is nothing to see, claim I'm not looking hard enough for them. Mind you I've been looking forty plus years now and looked all over the US.

    I've been kicked out of many bigfoot sites because if I don't see a bigfoot or I see something wrong with what's posted, silly me, I express my honest opinion, and yes I do know I'm not the last word......but just disagreeing with people will get you banned from sites.

    So, on this point Rictor and I are on the same page.