Monday, November 14, 2016

Anonymous source provides information on Bigfoot

Sam Uptegrove has been fascinated with the unexplained since childhood. He began actively investigating paranormal incidents in his late teens and has continued for more than four decades. Now retired and a cancer survivor, he has lived in the southwest Missouri Ozarks for over 30 years.

In composing these weekly columns, I make an effort to vary the subject matter rather than reporting on the same type of incidents repeatedly. But, like television news broadcasts do, I sometimes find that a certain type of story seems to be more dominant than usual, and give them priority simply because of that fact. That has been true with Bigfoot-type incidents here in the Ozarks.

On Oct. 20, I received an email from a lady who wishes to only be referred to as Cindy from Christian County, but provided full contact info for my files. She and her husband have lived in proximity to the vast Mark Twain National Forest for more than 28 years. They were both born and raised in the country and are intimately familiar with the natural sights and sounds of a rural, isolated area. Up until about six months ago that was all that they had noticed in their vicinity; then the strange and at times disturbing events began and continue to this day.

Their dog, who is five years old, was apparently the first to notice that something just was not right in the woods. It had always been an outside dog, coming into the house only on rare occasions, primarily during inclement weather. Then Cindy noted that he appeared to be rather nervous at times, especially when out near the treeline, and began wanting into the house on a regular basis. This dog has played an ongoing role in the incidents up to the present.

The next incident occurred not long after the dog’s odd behavior began. Cindy was outside near the treeline when she heard what sounded like a small tree or limb being snapped off, but there was no accompanying sound of it hitting the ground and not enough wind to have been responsible. Things grew even stranger when the sound was repeated twice more within the span of ten minutes or less.

Not long after this incident occurred, Cindy was confronted with the beginning of the mystery. A new element was added. She often walks the gravel road that runs past her house for the cardiovascular exercise and the simple pleasure of enjoying Mother Earth and her other children. Then she began noticing sizeable tree limbs lying in the road from time to time, with no sign of a stub overhead that it could have fallen from. This occurred more than once.

Perhaps the most telling incident to date involved a sound that anyone familiar with evidence of Bigfoot activity has heard of repeatedly. She was walking across an open field area approaching the woods when she suddenly heard, from not far into the timber, what sounded like two flat rocks being slapped together face to face. This sound was repeated several times and as the tempo increased she became uncomfortable and returned to her house. As she did so she heard what sounded like a tree being snapped off and falling to the ground.

There is another house, old and abandoned, that is also on the couple’s property, facing out onto the same gravel road that broken tree limbs had been found on. At least once Cindy was walking near it and heard a sound she could not describe. Her dog went on alert, bristles raised, and then retreated to where Cindy stood. They headed home quickly.

Elsewhere on their land are two caves and a spring as well. This is perfect habitat for a Bigfoot, or perhaps even a small clan of the creatures, to inhabit. This is an active, ongoing situation and, at my suggestion and request, Cindy will keep a log of the incidents that occur, complete with date, time and all pertinent details. I am also making plans for an in-depth onsite investigation with the assistance of another experienced Bigfoot researcher. I think it is safe to say this series of incidents will be the subject of future inclusion in this column.

Thank you to all of my readers who have ordered my first book.

Source: The Christian County Headliner


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  2. I am one County over if you need assistance.