Friday, October 7, 2016

True Bigfoot Stories: Eyewitness Accounts Of Killer Bigfoot Encounters

There are many things you need to worry about when wondering the woods. Getting lost, attacked by bears, wolves, snakes and so on. But let's not forget about one of the most popular creatures that roam the woods all across the world, Bigfoots.

But Bigfoots aren't real, you might say. They're just a myth, a story, a scam, a hoax, a publicity srunt. All of those things and more have been said on the subject...

And yet, for decades now, scientists all over the world have spent millions, in both cash and man-hours, investigating this phenomenon. Why would they do this? Why spend time and money on a myth? Why dedicate your life to a practical joke? Because that's what it must be, right?

And all of those videos and sightings of them? Just products of imagination and attempts to cash in on the gag, of course. People encountering Bigfoots is nothing uncommon, stories hire that hare been around for thousands of years. Are all of them really lies though? Out of the thousands of these stories, are we really meant to believe none of them are true? We could say all of those people are liars, but sometimes, you just can't ignore the numbers you're dealing with.

So if you do believe it's just a myth and a joke, why should you keep them in mind when roaming the woods? Because the most dangerous thing is the one you're not expecting...

This excerpt is from the book "True Bigfoot Stories: Eyewitness Accounts Of Killer Bigfoot Encounters" by Max Mason Hunter. You can purchase it here.

Here Is A Preview Of What's Inside...
  • True Bigfoot Stories: Someone or Something? Bigfoot 911 Call
  • True Bigfoot Stories: Nevada – Searching for a Yeti
  • True Bigfoot Stories: Face to Face with the Beast – The Winnemucca Encounter
  • True Bigfoot Stories: Cannibal Giants of the Jarbidge Forest
  • True Bigfoot Stories: Entering Bigfoot Territory
  • True Bigfoot Stories: Bigfoot Events Surrounding the Cold War Bases of Finland
  • Much, much more!

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