Saturday, October 1, 2016

Are We Ready For Interplanetary Contact?

Mike Orrell from Paranormal News wrote an article that since his childhood hes always been into space and the mysteries of our planet. He would watch TV shows like The Twilight Zone which got him hooked on the paranormal. It wasn’t until after his Policeman father passed away (when he was 13) that he discovered metaphysics and found some real answers to serious questions he had about life & death, his faith and why were we created and by whom.

Three of the top writers in this field, T. Lobsang Rampa, Carlos Castaneda and Jane Roberts built a convincing case for the existence of the spirit world and the fantastic possibilities that lie dormant in each and every one of us. I had found by extraordinary luck a real foundation of truth that even decades later is still unshakable and constantly being re-affirmed. 

I have no doubt that without this specialized form of education, which I stumbled upon at 17 years old, I would not have been prepared for what would happen on July 1st 1990. There were no thoughts of aliens and UFOs in my head when I decided to gather two of my friends on that hot summer day and head east to enjoy San Diego's beautiful backcountry for a photo expedition. I had built a color darkroom in my apartment and enjoyed the process of creating my own images. Kodak one day changed their chemicals and I was forced to give up my drum processing and switch to digital. I never looked back. The important point here is that had I filmed the ten airborne UFOs hovering over the San Diego River Valley that day, with a digital camera instead of my 35 mm Canon, the lost alien code I found on an enlargement of one the objects, would have been pixelated and unrecognizable. Because that image was in perfect focus I was able to see the spike-like projection that was protruding from the single acorn shaped craft two thirds up its left side.

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