Friday, September 30, 2016

An Editorial: Should Bigfoot Hoaxer Rick Dyer Be Killed?

Rick Dyer, the infamous two time Bigfoot hoaxer might not be the most liked person in the Bigfoot world, but he is still a human being and has a family, a business to run, and a life to live outside of the insane asylum known as The Bigfoot Community. Yet people Wish death upon him and send their heinous attacks on him daily. In fact he even had one person show up on his doorstep. Take this recent message for example:

The following editorial is written by Crypto Blast Co-founder, Rictor Riolo:

The message was sent to Rick Dyer by a recent Facebook account with the name Dane Eggleston.

This is not just someone expressing their first amendment rights. They are judging death on someone they have never met, with whom they happen to disagree with. 

Here is Dyer's response:

The Bigfoot Community is a cesspit of human misery. Basic human decency is only reserved for their cult leaders who have their minions do their dirty work. And the hoaxer here has more compassion in his response than the troll sending hate?

Do we agree with hoaxing? Absolutely not. Do we think people should be killed over Bigfoot? ABSOLUTELY NOT! This is not the war on terror. This is not about police brutality killing unarmed African-American men. This is BIGFOOT. Which quite possibly might not even be real. 

My cousin DeeCee wrote a few editorials on this cyber bullying here at The Crypto Blast. It's called Dark Tetrad. Check it out here. It's enough for people to get up and leave this paranormal subject altogether like TV show researcher Autumn Williams did (she was on Mysterious Encounters with Bobo and Matt Moneymaker).

What is wrong with these people? Steven Streufert from Bigfoot Books had his window shot out.

Is someone going to be eventually killed because of a difference of opinion on a giant hairy man that may or may not exist? Think about that for a second.

We all need to be vigilant and not tolerate or accept this kind of behavior. Even if it happens to your "Bigfoot enemy". We are a small group of people. A difference of opinion is not a call for violence.


  1. Kill, Rick Dyer? For what making a hoax? Which hoax? You know he's made several, and it seems to me that after the first one everyone would have simply written him off, but no. He hoo-dooed a man out of $50K first time around and the only reason he didn't go to jail was because the man didn't want to be named, so no charges and Dyer kept the money. That should have been enough, but instead the ignorant masses......yes, I did say ignorant masses.....flocked to him again in droves the second time and then again the third time. Much like moths to a flame. Kill Rick Dyer? No, Rick made all you stupid people look bad and for that you want to kill him? More likely we need to purge everyone out for having followed him as he played like the Piped Piper. "Oh I have a Bigfoot"

    If you kill Rick Dyer then you might as well kill everyone who believed in him and one group even gave him an award for being the "Greatest Bigfoot Tracker for 2012". My guess is they still have a group and they simply don't talk about that little faux pas. Why not kill them for being to stupid to see the truth?

    I have Dyer and if I meet him, I will most likely lose my composure and beat him within an inch of his life, but not kill him. Killing him is a bit much but I'm a human and the decision of life or death is not mine to make. NOR IS IT YOURS.

    Personally, I hope he meets with a terrible fate and I live long enough to see it, but I don't know what Karma has in store for him.

  2. Actually the man tried to press charges but the detective working on the case quickly realize he was involved. Basically he tried to lie and press charges on this to clear his name ...get your story straight. Also ...... Talking about beating me if you ever see me i'm located at 1338 N. Nova Rd., Daytona Beach, FL 32117 every day from 8 AM to 8 PM.... Just another pathetic Internet tough guy. Raising over $30,000 in San Antonio for children and thousands of dollars donated because of me and my hoaxes.....I would damn sure do it again ...I have change peoples life for the better and gave no life haters something to do! What the hell have you done,? It takes scum of the earth to wish bad for someone miserable does a person have to be.. I really truly hope you get help

  3. I got my shit straight Ricky. I hope your sorry ass burns in hell and you best hope our paths never cross. Nothing I love better than taking out the trash.

  4. Only if Internet tough guys had to back up what they say. The Internet has produced more cowards than anything in history. I'm the easiest person to find and our paths will never cross because you're a coward the Internet tough talk shit from the safety of your computer and would never be man enough to say it to someone's face...